8 Strengths Of Introverts

By many, being introverted is seen as a weakness. Introverts rather stay on the background,
often hesitate to make a decision and get fatigued by social interaction. But these so-called weaknesses are easily
compensated by a series of strengths that are generally overlooked, despite the fact
that they are invaluable in many different settings. The fact of the matter is: we live an extroverted
world, in which extroverted qualities are desirable over introverted qualities. So, to enhance the emancipation of the introvert
a little bit, and because I’m quite introverted myself, I present to you eight strengths of
introverts. (1) Deep thinking Introverts often spend a good portion of their
time in solitude, during which they think deeply about life. Overthinking comes with dangers, which I explain
in my video called 4 Dangers Of Overthinking (link below), but thinking in general can
also be a great source of strength. An introvert’s brain works differently than
an extrovert’s brain, which makes an introvert process information more deeply. A strong aspect of thinking is the ability
to reflect on life and explore different future scenarios. Although this could lead to worrying and rumination,
it is an opportunity to design a life that suits them, and build strategies to accomplish
it. Introverts are not only deep thinkers; they
are often great writers too. The practice of journaling, is a powerful
tool to reflect on the past and make sense out of it, in order to design a better future. An introverted mind is great at planning out
life step by step, because it carefully imagines pitfalls and possibilities, and is aware of
things that many extroverts will probably overlook. (2) Productivity in solitude People often say being around people energizes
the extrovert, but exhausts the introvert. And, from my own experience, I think that’s
true. After a period of socialization we need time
alone to recover and replenish our energy. This means that we are most energized when
alone, and, thus, the most productive. When you are most productive in solitude,
you are gifted with an opportunity to pursue great, creative accomplishments. This could be something artistic, or perhaps
creating an application, or writing a book. These things are not made during meetings
nor on networking events; they are made by non-nonsense labour and discipline, executed
in solitude. Nikola Tesla is an example of what extraordinary
things can be accomplished when you work alone. I made a video about him; you´ll find a link
in the description. (3) Creativity in expressing ourselves A coping mechanism of not wanting to be in
the center of the attention is, basically, finding ways to express ourselves nonetheless. That’s why many introverts become good at
arts. When I was a child I used to express myself
by drawing. Today, I often express myself with memes or
stupid self-made videos to show my appreciation towards my friends. And, the videos on this channel, the editing,
the choice of music, is a much more natural way for me to express myself than giving a
speech. So, an introvert´s creativity is partly born
out of the avoidance of small talk and being around people all the time. (4) Observation Introverts are great observers. While the extroverted people are busy shouting
at each other, an introvert remains in the background and simply watches. He or she closely registers what is said,
and only speaks when there is something useful to say. The legendary Taoist big shot Lao Tzu said
and I quote: “He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know´. End quote. Lao Tzu simply points to the idea that when
you speak, you cut yourself off from, possibly, valuable information that the environment
gives you. That’s why we see many extroverts talk on
and on, while they don’t even know what’s going on, just for the rewarding act of getting
your voice heard. Introverts, however, do know what’s going
on because they have seen it. This gives them a position of power, because
they know what others don’t know. (5) Eye for detail Because introverts tend to be great observers
and often overanalyze things in solitude, we have trained ourselves to pay attention
to details that extroverted people overlook, because they are too busy chatting with each
other. Some people may perceive this characteristic
as a bit annoying, but I think it is an invaluable trait. How can mankind reach greatness if there aren’t
people who pay attention to the small stuff? As they say: the devil is in the details. So, if we want to beat the devil, it is necessary
to have people with the ability to look at things from different perspectives, explore
different scenarios and highlight weaknesses. Without the observing eye of the introvert,
an ambitious project might go to waste at the blink of an eye. (6) Deep relationships Introverts are great listeners. And I think that listening is a vital component
of a healthy relationship with another person. Because they are good listeners they process
and internalize a lot of information about the other person, so they get a deeper understanding
of them. This way, introverts can empathize with others
more easily, because they know what their are going through. Especially because they have the ability to
think deeply and imagine another person’s suffrage for themselves. The way introverts handle their loved ones
often leads leads to a deep and long lasting bonds. (7) Autonomy and independence I think that highly introverted people that
love being alone, are unlikely to be codependent. They are people that cannot live without partner and cannot imagine spending the Saturday evenings alone. According to the Stoics, not needing external
things to live a happy life is strength. Because, at the end of the day, other people
are beyond your control. In our society we are always dependent, in
some way, on other people. But the simple fact that you find contentment
in being by yourself exerts power: it prevents other people abusing the need for companionship
that many people have. Companionship can a be a great addition to
your life. But because you don’t need it, you´re not
enslaved by it. (8) Leadership Although I dread public speaking, and did
not like speaking in the boardroom when I was working at the bank, at all, when I did
speak up, people listened to me. It took me some effort to get the attention
of all those extroverted shouting co-workers, but when I had it, everyone was quiet. Partly because of my deep voice, but also
because I spent at least a few minutes thinking about what I was going to say, and the time
before I have probably listened closely to what others had to say. You listen, you prepare, you know your stuff,
and you observe very well what’s going on. Also, I have led a meeting a several times
during my career, and I hated every minute of it. But, people always loved it because of the
structure I brought into these meetings. Ironically, I had to do that for my own sanity. Nevertheless, I’m glad that extroverted people
appreciate being led by an introvert, who creates some order out of their, oftentimes,
chaotic and incoherent maelstrom. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Welcome to the comment section of introverted thoughts. Here, you can read the mind of an introvert. Learn the mentality of an introvert. See what it's like to be an introvert…..

  2. Introverts will be magnets because they don't need the affections of others to feed their ego. We are realists, not superficial. I'm an introvert and I hate small talk. keep it real, we know and can see bvllsh1t miles away 🤣 plus we are independent and don't rely on others 😎👍

  3. Hate small talk. I notice that extroverts are the norm these days. As you said. Lots of the talk I'm around seems, fast paced, loud, ect. I work with well around akot of women and the talk is random stuff. Which I know women talk but I like deep conversations. About paranormal, life, travel destinations, psychology ect.

  4. something that isnt widely acknowledged is that introverts dont get exhausted by interaction.. they get exhausted out of interaction with extroverts. if i connect with someone and we talk about things that are actually meaningful and interesting, i can talk for HOURS. I never want it to end, its so energizing. but the way things are, most people are used to talking about small things. and being forced to contribute to conversations that i dont connect with is very draining. it is the same with extroverts.. if theyre forced to talk about things they dont really care about they get exhausted too

  5. So true. I hate managing positions. But I take them because I cant stand people not paying attention and making bad decisions, that could be fix easily. I guess I sacrifice myself for the good of everyone else.

  6. "Things I have in common with Tesla: we are both introverted, and we have both romanced a pigeon."

    "Oh, so you played Hatoful Boyfriend, then?"

    "Y-yeah. That's what I meant."

  7. Everything in this video describes me really well and for some reason I'm so touched by this it made me tear up. And it also motivated me. Thank you so much.

  8. Am also an introvert. when I was young, I used to wory because I never knew that. Since I realized that, now am okey.

  9. Introvert here…it is a weakness…so too is being empathic or erudite. It's lonely…and makes you a glutton for punishment either from yourself or others. Additionally, introvert doesn't translate to antisocial either.

  10. It’s hard to be an introvert and not sound like an asshole when explaining it to other people. I always sound like a pretentious, selfish, and arrogant person when explaining it to my family or coworkers

  11. I'm an introvert too. When i am surrounded by people, i get very awakward and when people talk to me i really don't know how answer them. Sometimes i say stuff that when when i am alone i regret saying them. I really love being by myself and people tend to ask me how can you live alone? Don't you get lonely? Actually i get lonely when surrounded by people. But when i am alone, i can be happy, productive, creative.. And so much. No one to invade my little space …

  12. Thank you. 🏵🏵
    I get mentally exhausted when being around too many people all the time.
    I need my space 🏵🏵🏵

  13. I’m a introvert and have social anxiety but I try to go out
    I’m like a popular loner man it’s hard
    Talking to a girl atm but don’t know how to ask her out or where to take her

  14. I am a introvert but I recently joined my high school jv team and I been meeting so many nice people so try to find a club or something that others will have in common and that's one way to make more friends but i understand being a introvert is more then socializing but thats one way to somewhat get more confidence and get more people to notice you good luck

  15. Last month I participated in a debate completion. All the elders said I spoke good and it was sensible. And my classmates were like 'She opened her mouth😰😰😰😲😲!'

    and I was like

  16. The fact that some people think were mean but we just need to energize. Also, sometimes it's because they're getting annoying (I avoided my "friends" cause they were getting annoying UwU)

  17. i'm an introvert since i was 7 years old, and i don't mind if we have a small talk. i just don't like some meaningless talk and stupid jokes. i hate that

  18. I dnt like poeple or persons that sorrounds me…i want to be alone thinking in a peaceful ways ..i hate talkative people….i love to talk in reality not rumors or nonsense….

  19. First i thought i was not ok…something was wrong with me..but then at time goes on i realise i wasn't the only one that feel that way…trying whatever it takes to avoid humans

  20. Yeah it reminds me why I hate school because I'm probably the most strict,quiet and the so called "too matured guy" in the corner around very loud stupid childish weak baby screaming monkeys

  21. Extrovert: Hi let's get some sunshine and do something new!

    Introvert: (pondering) you are disturbing my private party with myself and I do not know if I will like you.

    Ambivert: …(thinking) they both need a balance…(saying) Let's schedule a day and time. I am open to new things.

  22. My personality is that I will be extremely quiet when I face people whom I don’t really know, but I will talk a lot when I am with my good friends.
    So, what kind of personality am I having?
    I will talk a lot with people on the internet, but I don’t really talk much in real life.

  23. Actually I feel like Im introvert at the same time extrovert. Because I feel comfortable when Im alone and when Im with someone else. But really I hate parties and crowd but I'm friendly to strangers. and Im talkative whenever Im with my friends. And when Im alone Its like I have my own world.

  24. Theres this guy that wants to hang out with me and everytime I go quiet for a bit he keeps saying "saying something. Anything" its so annoying I got turned off 😂 Quiet for me is peaceful and precious

  25. People say teamwork is the best way to success. But i as an introvert i always felt i was finding it faster with my own solo effort

  26. Kids rn who don't spend an hour with their friends watching this video be like "OH MAH GAWD THAT IS SOOOOO MEEEE!"

  27. My friend always mocking me when I want some time with myself, having meaningful chat and mostly when I'm drawing. Freaking extroverts can't keep themselves quite!!!

  28. I don't really know what catogary I fall into to now for I a little of both but more an introvert
    Let me try and explain in short my life experiences has altered the way I am now but I still enjoy my solitude and many times just to sit and observe others instead of interacting but other times I would interact but with great caution I also find that people call me a hypocrite for one moment I will be interacting but as soon as others join I become withdrawn and don't utter a word please help me find a balance here
    Please don't be judgemental for I need assistance in understanding myself better and don't need negativity

  29. I'm definitely an introvert. The hardest thing about being an introvert is that I'm usually more quiet so it's harder for me to impress the girl I like at work. But I'm definitely hanging in there.

  30. I'm quite introverted, yet I volunteered to stand before over 100 people and talk about a certain subject. It only took 2 people to support me through it and I had (and still haven't) done anything like it before. But, being my introverted self with these 8 strengths, I thought over what I had to say and observed others and delivered what I wanted extremely well. STILL introverted though!!

  31. when i was young i thought something is wrong with me . i just don’t like to spend so much time hanging out but now that i knew i feel much better ! A True Introvert indeed !!

  32. People: talk to each other about some argument.
    Me: stays quiet.
    People: what about you?
    Me inside my mind: bit*h I'm not talking cause I'm not interested in your boring arguments.

  33. Extroverts like me. Cause they can talk about their boring sh*t without being interrupted, with me smiling acting like I care about their boring life.

  34. That’s why Introverts have a tough time finding an everlasting love partner..it’s not at all necessary that intros will even get along with other intros

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