10 Replies to ““A Building that Speaks of God” – SSPX New Seminary Project”

  1. May God bless this important project.  Judge a tree by its fruits.  A good tree cannot bring forth rotten fruit.  May God bless the SSPX.

  2. The Founder of The SSPX stated that Rome has lost the Faith. Remember SSPX your Founder and realize that Rome will never return to the Sacred Holy Mass or Traditions. Keep the fight for Christ The King. Pray for our Popes conversion and for the SSPX to continue the Truth.

  3. God Bless all who support priests of SSPX.
    StanPiasta Ottawa Canada
    Lets pray for more traditional priests and bishops, the Good Shepherds.
    Our Father …

  4. May you go from strength to strength….A tree is judged by its fruits, and you have produced many in the past 45 years…

  5. whats the difference between the sspx and the FSSP. I know on is in full common with Rome the other not but in terms of formation etc what's the difference. I love in a country with no TLM, only NO masses.

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