A career in the NHS as a healthcare assistant

My name is Will and I’m a healthcare assistant
and I work at Glendevon medical centre in Teignmouth. A normal day is taking blood,
blood pressures, testing INRs. We do the diagnostic tests for doctors, so they request them and
send them to us, we’ll do the tests and the doctor will interpret the results.
As a clinical support worker one of my roles and responsibilities is to care for patients
on a day to day basis, assisting them with personal cleansing, toileting needs and being
able to feed them. Clinical support workers are essential to
the running of the NHS. They support the nurses, they support the doctors and it is a really
rewarding career because especially in primary care, you are seeing patients regularly and
you get to know them and build up a professional relationship, and it is really nice. In a
hospital its slightly different, you don’t tend to see the same people all the time but
it is equally as rewarding. Working as a clinical support worker its very
challenging, but the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories and giving them
a step to a better life, that’s a satisfaction that no other job can offer.
You are definitely part of a community, especially when you are working in small towns like this.
You Get to know your patients on first name basis. Its different to working anywhere else.
If you want to do this job and be a clinical support worker your heart has got to be in
it, that’s the main thing. It’s not the easiest job in the world, it is demanding at times
but stick it out and its worth it in the long run.
If I could describe my role in one word I would say it’s fulfilling.

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  1. I want to be a health care assistant but I am struggling to get my maths gcse is this a problem? I am going to do health and social care and work experience so should that mean more?

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