A Celebrity Nutritionist Gave Us 90-Day Custom Diets

– I have really just been drinking this Glowing Green smoothie. And I feel so different,
in such a good way. (upbeat music) – We have brought in a nutritionist for the next 90 days to get
us a little bit healthier with our eating habits. – I am addicted to snacking. I sometimes replace my snacks for dinner, lunch and breakfast. – I will eat fast food often. – I feel like I’ve been really busy. I recently moved, I’ve recently
gone through a breakup. The only thing I feel like I can control or see happiness in is food. So, I’m like, if I want food
that makes me feel good, but like shit later, I’ll still eat it. ‘Cause that’s what I want right now. – I noticed I’ve been having
some bad eating habits and I noticed that my stomach
has not been happy with me. When I eat now, my stomach
gets really bloated, and I feel like really irritated. – For a couple of years,
I had stomach problems where I would feel really nauseous after eating and have to throw up. And I wouldn’t really understand why. I know what I eat affects how I’m feeling and I really would like to
just overall change my pattern. – I want to start making
more conscious decisions in healthier ways, as in I
don’t need to count my calories all the time, and I don’t
need to log into an app. Like, I want to just be
able to make these decisions and know what foods are gonna make me feel more energized and less stressed. – What I hope to gain is
just better eating habits and to be healthier. – My name is Kimberly Snyder
and I am a nutritionist, an author and a wellness
and beauty expert. I’m really passionate about helping people feel their very best. And this comes from my own journey of healing myself from
bloating and really bad acne. As part of my career,
I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Washington, Channing Tatum. So my philosophy is based
on really supporting our body’s natural intelligence with whole foods and optimizing digestion. Most of us learn about
nutrition as dieting and numbers and all
these confusing formulas. And I lived through it myself because I tried every
single diet out there. I’ve learned that we don’t
need to hyper focus on numbers and all these confusing formulas. We just really need to
optimize our digestion to support what our body
already knows how to do, to eat who foods and to
incorporate certain strategies and tools and tips that make
everything so much easier. – We’re going to simplify your dinners. We’re gonna split the dense foods. You’re gonna have the
eggs, and you’re gonna have the bread with the soup. You’re gonna have the
chicken with the veggies. You’re gonna incorporate some
more plant based dinners. For the snack, you’re either gonna switch to coconut milk or almond milk yogurt. You’re gonna give up dairy
for the next two weeks. – I can do that. – And we’re gonna try,
instead of the dense other snacks you’re having, to have hummus with veggies or soup or
a power protein smoothie. – What I want you to focus on is transforming your morning ritual. So that means getting up,
having room temperature water, hot water with lemon, two
SBO probiotics, meditation or stillness for one to
five minutes at least, and having your Glowing Green smoothie. So in the morning, I want
your phone in airplane mode. I want you to take a couple
of moments to breath, meditate, have time for
yourself, ease into your day. It’s gonna really help you
feel anchored and balanced. Then I want you to have that
same easing into your evening. I want you to stop eating by 9:00. Try to go to bed closer to 11:00. At the end of the night, have some couple deep breaths as well. Don’t work up until you go to bed. And your sleep is gonna be deeper. It’s gonna be more rejuvenative. – I’m usually super against
drinking my breakfast. We will see how it goes. I’m hoping I feel more energized. – Starting off with my cup
of room temperature water. Let’s see if this is the elixir of life, and it gives me more energy. So the Glowing Green smoothie, everyone. – Being on this nutritional
diet, there’s a lot to learn. Going to grocery stores take a lot longer because I’m relearning what I need to buy. Usually I just go straight
to the chips section. But now, it’s all about the veggies. And there’s a lot of
veggies I don’t know of. The first month I was so gung ho. I was sprinting with this challenge. I was like, I can do this. I was cooking my meals. I’m cooking Brussels sprouts pasta and making a salad all at the same time. – The first month honestly,
was a little hard for me. Kim wants me to go vegan or vegetarian for three to four days out of the week. So yesterday I didn’t eat any meat. I stuck to salads, which we know I hate. For my personal life, it’s
when I started traveling the most and that’s when I got super anxious. And then also having to
be thinking about food, I was being really negative and
being really hard on myself. It’s about 8:30 in the morning,
and I’m usually supposed to start out the morning with a glass of water and a hot glass of water. I’m supposed to save my juice ’til later. But I’m drinking this green juice now because I woke up at 4:00
am and I was starving. – My first month was a
struggle going into it. I broke the nutrition plan pretty hard. And I got some Chick-fil-A. But that’s not all. I actually also got Taco Bell because I just couldn’t decide. – So I just made the Dharma salad, and I had some nutritional
yeast that I used for seasoning. Apparently, its great
for soups, vegetables, pasta and even popcorn. – Instead of participating
in today’s doughnut day, I’m participating in my
oatmeal and fruit day. – I think putting my phone
away for five minutes has definitely taught
me that it’s important to get rid of those distractions
and to be more present in the moment and have more clarity. I’m cooking a lot more than usual.
– Amazing. – I’m making an avocado pasta sauce. I’ve never done this before. Veggie pasta. We got the Brussels sprouts that almost burned the house down. – About the first four weeks for me, I did no dairy. I’ve been eating these
coconut milk yogurts. And they are delicious. I didn’t even know that they existed. – I really have been
sticking to the smoothie every morning
– Amazing. and just trying- – Taking your probiotics? – Yes. I take probiotics every day. I’ve been doing-
– Lemon water. – Lemon water. – Even though I have been
going out to eat a lot, I’ve been making conscious
decisions, at least. – [Woman Off Camera] Looks healthy. – Looks like salmon. ( woman off screen laughs) – I’m making the smoothie and I liked being able to supply my body with vegetables and nutrients.
– That fiber. – Yeah. I’m here at Sweet Greens, and
I made a build your own salad. And honestly, it is already quite filling. And I feel like before, I
wouldn’t get full off of salads. But this definitely has
a lot of protein in it. – For the next few weeks
Lauren, I want you to keep doing what you’re doing, ’cause
you’re doing amazing with the smoothies. With lunch, I want you to introduce the digestive
enzymes before dinner. Make sure you’re having
those salads at dinner. I want you to focus on
eating dinner earlier, going to bed earlier, that’s
a really big thing for you. I want you to start getting more sleep. I want you to try and get that
meditation in in the morning. – Keep flitting through
the book, if you want to go a little bit deeper,
the parts that resonate, you can read a little bit deeper, but I think you’re doing amazing. – We’re gonna keep taking
our SBO probiotics. – We’re introducing the digestive enzymes, which I want you to take
even before the smoothie. Trying the raw sauerkraut,
have a cup before dinner. And we’re also gonna go down the path of exploring a little bit
of a candida approach. So when you make your
Glowing Green smoothie instead of using a banana or red apple, I want you to just use a green apple. I want you to try to eat dinner earlier because if you’re digesting
food when you go to bed, that kind of adds to bloat. Keep taking your detox oxygen at night. It’s a lot of little
things for the bloating and so everything keeps working together. – The second half of this
three months was so much better to me because I realized
that I can control the things that I could, and if I couldn’t
control the other things, that’s okay too. I’m starting my day with my lemon water. Traveling and I’m doing good. – Second month, I
started getting motivated again by working out. And I felt better with that, and I did start noticing
some improvements. So, we have two huge food trucks at work today, and I said, “No” to them. I am very impressed with myself. I’ve been more committed to
making healthier choices. And that’s been hard. Week one Shila would’ve been like, “Nope, I’m getting the food truck food.” – The midway point wasn’t as much of a struggle as I thought it would be. I just had momentum
kind of, at that point. I started researching all around the benefits of being vegan. I just went grocery shopping at Sprouts. I got a lot of good stuff. I’m excited to cook. I even bought a vegan cookbook. (mellow music) – The third month was great. I felt healthier with my
relationship with food and the decisions I was making. I’m trying to find more
snacks that I can crunch on consistently like vegetables and hummus instead of like, chips or
just random empty calories. – Third month, I was kind of going back to my old habits again. So it’s kind of like you get better, and then you get a little
worse and you get better. It’s just kind of like
a roller coaster for me. For this smoothie, I
did it without bananas. I kind of did the candida smoothie just because my stomach has
been feeling bloated. – By the third month, I felt myself actually not craving coffee as much. I started also because Kimberly mentioned that I should be getting more sleep, which I am still working on. I did fall asleep by 11:30 last night, but I fell asleep watching
Netflix on the couch. So it wasn’t ideal. I fell asleep in my makeup and
with not all the lights out. So, the effort continues. – Starting my day off
with lemon and hot water, so I assume how people wake
up and need their coffee, I wake up and I need this.
– Oh, so now it’s part of your life.
– Yes. – I feel like I actually
don’t crave chips as much. – Since we went in your
cafeteria and looked at the snacks, was that helpful? First of all, we want to avoid
these really sugary cereals. This just isn’t doing your body any good. There’s no nutrition. But I do like this. – Having some whole nuts
– [Shila] I have eaten that. is a great option, especially the almonds. Some bars can be good, but I’d rather you stick to whole foods. I’d rather you eat a banana or an apple. Whole foods again, don’t
be scared of eating fruit. – I found myself craving a salad, Even last night. And I’ve never, never craved a salad. – Isn’t that amazing, how
your tastes can change? – Yeah, it’s bizarre. – At the end of this, it was cool to come together and just cook and share what we’ve learned through this journey. – It was also nice to
have something healthy as opposed to just ordering pizza. We’ve all been on this journey together and it’s all culminated
to the Stand point. – I’m so excited. This is really honestly,
it looks delicious. – Yay!
– It does. – And a lot of green.
– Yes. I think the best part about this is just progressing. And what I learned was that you can’t be so hard on yourself. You’re not gonna get it the first time. Your symptoms probably won’t go away the first month, but
it’s all about the journey. – I’m so happy that I did this. And I really do feel like it was life changing in a lot of ways. It’s been about two and a half months since I last had fast food. And I can honestly say, I
feel so much more energy than I have felt in a really long time. – I feel like this is just a continuation of me and my journey of
my relationship with food. I feel really healthy with the decisions that I’m making currently,
which I feel like I haven’t felt that way in a long time. (upbeat music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a
new channel (mumbles). – Subscribe here.
– Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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