A Wife with Down Syndrome and her Autistic Husband (A Real Love Story)

what did you think the very first time
you met your wife? you wanna it’s really honestly this is I thought she is like
drop-dead gorgeous and I was worried I let lord I am way marrying out my league
I was like and I’m thankful for that too cuz my goodness look at this beauty
right she’s gorgeous I’m telling you what I feel like I’m here like a like
here something mhm what does it feel like to be hit by a
love bug I feel like you’re top in the world and there’s like like wow it’s
totally Wow and I think you god I feel like want to cry
we’ve even tested it like our love we put our hands on each other’s heart and
no joke is beating as fast but it’s beating the same pace hey have you welcome to SBS K we believe that
everybody has a story that’s worthy of being heard when we listen to one
another the world becomes a closer place and we all benefit together so without
hesitation let’s meet today’s friend how do you feel when you hear Jason talk
about you peaceful really peaceful and I feel like I have no stress and my
sorters and I feel like I feel like I want to cry like I really love Jason
definitely in my heart I put my heart out to I hope one day when we grow
whether it however I’ll be are whether the 80 or 90 I hope you know I die in
the bed with her like in my sleep in hole hands
that is how I wish to go out why because it’s peaceful he’s so crazy about me I’m
telling you what and he always needs a little time you
can see when he likes to be serious mm-hmm I know how to head off like so
much men dick in there to to be ma like a job do you have a diagnosis I do I
have autism I have a DD I so don’t one and then I have bipolar but I don’t get
mad anymore because you know I work through that and so I really like my
autism and my HT because it makes me who I am
I love Jason and um he is my favorite man and I will take care of him people
with autism they won’t feel important they want to feel needed is what I’m
trying to say does Chloe make you feel important you need it all the time how
do you feel when your wife complements you special like happen like warm
feeling in my heart and my heart beats really fast it’s like no I haven’t
having a heart I know it’s like love it’s like the love beating fast you know
it’s just actually to be honest as magical that’s how I shall feel that’s
the ultimate word I could ever describe I love is hired by sometimes like what’s
the matter with you I mean there’s the ups Nyonya I’m
telling you Chloe is such a perfect wife a like like I always talks to me and my
even when I’m so down she asks are you right back up it made me happy I think
he needs a lot of love and just hit his calm down a little bit it take a breath
close your eyes listen to a spa music and just breathing I teach him how to
stop she really helped me to mature so yeah you could change one thing about
Chloe what would you change nothing is known as the guide I do right if I had
to I just wouldn’t mind if she dyed her hair blonde she looks so cute
what she shot when you first met him yes yeah because I used to not know how to
talk to girls his face is so clean I was actually
little shy to ask you to be my girlfriend I had to ask my friend Josh
weather’s better for me that’s so nervous why were you nervous cuz back in
those days I didn’t know I talk to girls sometimes I think in my mind like I want
babies up high and and then I listen to my heart and he said well Chloe
you got away a little bit longer how would you describe the level of
independence you and Chloe have together know how Hospital they have a pain
tolerance from one to ten I’d say we’re about eight or nine we still got a few
ways to go to get fully there but we’re pretty much independent we just got a
few more ways to you know you always have time
you know who is this hi this one is just out this is just out sore maybe but I
want traitor like a real baby it represents what we want for the future
and this I really want for the future hmm
do you to sometimes get upset that you don’t have a baby
I don’t much as smile they get upset we just kind of miss it you know kind of
get sad she’s so pretty but this is a blessing because you would you like to
hold her sure she actually feels so warm with the weights it she feels real
it would give you such an amazing feeling like a real baby I’m amazing
would you mind describing a few of the things you still need a little help with
yeah I kind of like you know um budgeting law I know how to budget but
like there’s you gotta learn more I mean you know to like budget to look for I
mean I know how look for our prices but you know just work on that do you talk
to Giselle yeah I do yeah what do you tell her oh yeah we sing her
a lullaby at night you know she’s our real baby what were you thinking when
you proposed to your wife I was excited I was nervous in a sense I was
overwhelmed with happiness and all this together but I sang to her song keep his
knees and open the box my my case marine right here song is hugs and kisses and I
ready for Chloe because I wanted to pour out my heart to her to let her know how
much I loved her she’s like Wonder Woman Timmy she’s got
that perfect body she’s got that beautiful look Thanks that’s my favorite and I knew about
kitchens funny sometimes they call me a sweetie
hey hi sweetie and he always do that all the time every night before we go to bed
we kiss you tonight and we close our eyes but we’re like cuddling and well
kiss each other goodnight and it’s just fun getting to like just go to bed with
her and just have somebody there to hold and to wake up in kiss good morning it’s
just a blessing in itself every time he thinks about me it’s just like and I
would say hair like Jason and right you’re liking me for it and I was like
nothing dummy and he’s an athlete like do you want our tickling and like like
no we have three tickles to wear I can’t breathe and it’s fun I love it it’s just
like you know and then after is like yeah it’s funny I love this I love this
house and sometimes I would say thing you got with this house thank you God
for everything had positive things I can cook so I’m a married woman and I can
cook I can be floppy and so rides and sideways that’s good and I
can make scaredy or meatballs I can make hamburgers some salad everything or
french fries something like that she’s so good she actually cutting me up
for a while and then I decided to like get buff for her so I would start on my
bike you know get my leg muscles buffed up if you could say one message Chloe
will always remember what would it be now I’ll always love you no matter what
happens and that your magical your your so beyond carrying in a good way you
love I mean you always take care of me where do you think you’ll be when you’re
both 60 mm-hmm price no gather place I’ll probably you know how to you know that may I have a pinion C will you
still love him there’s no doubt about it well I still love him but hmm
I like his I’m acting but she likes magic she is my princess she is my best
friend she’s my wife and she’s the one I want spend the rest of my life with I
just love her like meaning to me and just holding her ear like right now
every single time it it makes me calm it just feels yeah you’re that little buzz
in the house that’s the piece this is the most part best part about
marriage for me it’s just holding her I’m not talking just thinking and just
listening hmm love you baby my precious thanks for
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