A Woman Watches Her Own Surgery

Did I talk the entire time? – Pretty much. – Oh my god, I am so sorry. Whoa. I was having a lot of foot pain when I was running and exercising. Did an MRI and it turns
out this is a natural thing that I was born with, bone marrow edema. And it sounds terrifying, but it’s really not that big of a deal. We were always a walk-it-off family, so it’s like yeah, whatever,
it’s pain, it’s no big deal. – But again, if you don’t
take care of it now, it’ll… – Haunt me in the long run. My fears going into this
are that there’d be more side effects afterwards than
there were before the surgery. – My fear is that she’s going to underestimate the recovery. They told her to take
the rest of the week off and she’s going back to work tomorrow. – [Morgann] It’s busy. – We’re going to do
surgery here on Morgan. She’s got two little bones
that are connected together, and that’s what’s causing a lot of pain. So we’re going to take care of that. So we make an incision right
over this part of the foot, and take that connection
out and stitch you up. – [Morgann] Awesome. – We can do this with sedation
or a general anesthetic. I’d probably go with the sedation. It’s just less invasive, you’re able to get out of here a little bit quicker. – Done. Bye everybody. – I’m here to show you
what you didn’t get to see while you were getting the surgery done. – [Morgann] Oh boy. – Are you ready to watch
them slice you open? – Sure. I’m assuming they’re numbing up every… Ho, wow. Should they be doing that with a needle? It’s like he’s trying
to get all the batter off the sides of the bowl. (laughs) Oh my god. – You’re head got itchy at one point, so you asked the anesthesiologist
to scratch your head. (laughs) – I thought it would be bloodier. – The tourniquet stopped
all the blood from – That makes sense. Apparently this guy’s got a
little fork around my foot. That’s nice, just pull that open. Whoa. – They’re cutting the
muscle away from here, and then they peel it back, and the thing you’re going to see is your bone. – Makes a lot of sense of
why it’s taking so long to get better. Oh wow. Oh, I’m having pain in
my foot watching this. – Really? – Yeah. – I felt, like, a jack hammer on my foot, and then pain, and then
I heard a doctor go, “Give her some more.” – That happened a few times,
the “give her some more.” – Oh really?
– Yeah. So now they’re going to put more meds in. And he’s going to stab
you with the needle again. – No, no, why would you do that? The claw, that’s creepy. – [Doctor] So there’s the bone. – The snap, the snap. Oh, I was supposed to
go to a stag on Friday. I don’t think it’s
going to happen anymore. – How are you feeling? It’s been, like, two
weeks after the surgery. – I’m not healing as fast
as I thought I would. It looked like an old man’s foot. If I had seen this, I probably would’ve chilled out a lot more. Surgery is no joke. I would say, for anybody who is going in and getting any sort of procedure done, listen to your doctor,
listen better than I did because you really do need
a lot of time to heal. You should use that recovery time to really just be your laziest. – So after seeing this video, do you think you can just
relax and let this heal after seeing how
intensive it actually was? – Well, now I just don’t have the time.

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  1. I had flat foot reconstructive surgery on June 12, and I was CRAZY high.. I was still high an 1 and a half after waking up.. I was acting like a totally different person. And this therapy dog came in and I started BAWLING. I just couldn’t handle my happiness I guess. 😂

  2. It was lik- have you ever felt like when you watch people in pain you actually kinda feel it?

    But im now satisfied . . . NO BLOOODDDDD😂😂

  3. I had 3 toes operated on, had brain surgery a few years back, and had tonsils and uvula out, i will be damned if i want to relive the nightmares.
    this lady sounds like a GOOSE honking when she laughs.. ;D*

    freedom of speech & press USA copyrighted material

  4. Why is it making me feel so uncomfortable to see bone stuff and muscle, but with surgeries that show organs and stuff I feel completely fine?

  5. The sound of the drilling actually makes a patient feel more pain so it's better if she didnt choose sedation and chose to just go to sleep instead.

  6. if y'all love surgeries , watch 'Romantic Doctors' , it is a korean drama and involved many kind of surgeries , i learnt a lot from there and now im so interested on being a general surgeon hehe .

  7. I have the same exact problem. But mine is called calceneus navicular coalition. The two bones in my feet are connected, and it also causes lots of pain. It makes it a lot worse because I am a gymnast and I always land hard on my feet. It's in both of my feet, so I would get 2 surgeries. It also causes me to make my feet face outwards. I can't move my feet in a certain way either. I got an x ray about 2 months ago. I don't know when the surgery will be, but I think It would be mid 2019.

  8. This is why i'll never be a doctor or surgeon… Just NO! Watching this was so interesting, but I don't think I'll be able to actually do it myself. Hope I never get surgery! DID I JUST JINX MYSELF

  9. That's a retractor, don't remember what it's name is though. Those little prongs indicate that it's for a smaller surgery, usually on appendages or extremities.

  10. Why are you scared of the instruments? Those are the gentle ones. The scariest thing in that entire procedure was the scalpel.


  12. How is it that Ben was allowed in the OR? Normally we try to keep the number of non-staff personnel to a minimum. Very curious about this. Nice video.

  13. Why would they want the patient awake for this kind of thing?? Wouldn’t that just distract the doctor? What if she accidentally moved her foot?


  15. This anesthesiologist doesn't don gloves the entire time including when he starts her PIV! Utterly shameful, lazy and irresponsible. This whole, what I'm assuming is an ambulatory surgical center, should be reviewed; everyone in that suite allowing that to go on should receive disciplinary action. Where was this?! I wouldn't trust the basic infection control of a center that disregarded hand hygiene and PPE standards much less the caliber of their clinical practice.

  16. I’ve got a spare bone in my foot that has been causing me pain. I need surgery eventually and the thought of it freaks me out. I want to get it done as soon as I can after college, but It freaks me out to get cut open, as well as going under. But I also wouldn’t want to be awake either, but then I wouldn’t get to voice any concerns. My thoughts then get retry circular at this point

  17. I hate shots so muchhhhh I will squeeze my moms hand cause of them XD dam the sleeping medicen could use some for my 3 year old sisters plz x3

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