About Infinite Health Collaborative (i-Health)

It’s our job as doctors
to answer questions. That’s why we’re here to answer some of the big questions about i-Health. (upbeat music) I love what I do. I’m fortunate
to be a physician first, an orthopedic surgeon second. I get up every single
day, and I love what I do. And I love that interaction
with the patients. And so we’re really
excited to start i-Health because i-Health allows
that patient access, that patient choice. If I really sit back and
look at many of my patients, it’s my patient and her daughter or my patient and her
sister and her five friends. It’s people who truly have seen how I show up as a physician, the quality care that I’m providing, the personal experience and the fact that they’re
completely entrusting, sending all of their
loved ones to our office. And that’s something that will only continue
to grow in i-Health. It’s called value-based care. What does that mean for patients? It means we want to provide
higher quality care, but we want it to be more cost efficient. I do find some patients
come into my office thinking I’m going to
tell them what to do. And I approach all of
my patients and I say, My job is not to tell you what to do with your healthcare choices. My job is to help lead
you through those choices.

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