About Vibra Healthcare

We have an outstanding staff. We’re clinically exceptional. And we care. We deliver care with passion. Vibra has grown to 60-some hospitals today
in 18 different states. We operate two types of hospitals. One is a medical rehabilitation hospital, and these are hospitals designed to care for people after they have been stabilized from a traumatic injury or the exacerbation of a life-threatening illness. The other types of hospitals we have are critical
care hospitals that really cater to people who are critically ill. We’re going to provide exceptional clinical
care and deliver an outstanding outcome. But what makes Vibra different is we focus on the patient experience. It’s how they deliver the service. That’s the real differentiator. And yes, we have state-of-the-art equipment
across-the-board, whether its telemetry equipment, or whether it’s gym equipment for therapeutic
services, but it really comes down to the differentiator with people. If it feels good, if you have a good vibe
for lack of a better word, then we know we’re doing things right. And that good vibe comes from the top down, which is the administrator, or the CEO, of the hospital creating that atmosphere where people really care. We care about your outcome. We care about your loved one. And I can assure you, we will do everything we can to get you back to 100% health.

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