Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health

will not die or a guy struggling to female celebrities and put
together this advent tax the war on women and these big names like scarlett
johansson an evil and gloria let’s take a look at them with askance i want to talk to you about women and about me running mitt romney’s for ending branding to
planned parenthood including cancer screenings decided overturn roe v_ wade we have republicans trying to redefine
great trying to force women to undergo
invasive ultrasounds if you think that this election won’t
affect you and your life think again drought vote for barack obama acts of clear-cut message yet i think it’s interesting that the is
like a white actors the black actors in the latino actors here and a big you think that’s right let’s be fair
these actresses who previously done work for proper bomb inside they did you do
have a convention no i’m not saying it was an accident of saying that they also
spoke at the convention so there’s established people that they are not
like being a shows like a token white persons of the
black person they’re like oh i think the if they can get sela technology has
internet user that knew what we really need a white woman i think the deserted
his big many black but it was organizations nor can i want
to make sure that the reference at all you know i think standards exactly worthless in loop non-holiday period uh… i do is get a little bit
uncomfortable intelligent hanson goes into a serious political load is just a moment to his attitude doesn’t
really seem to fit whether i guess that’s which is what is eliminated is a
testament to the actress she is heidelberg son and i don’t mean in that way here’s my question tact you
know as many people there that one answer it deal what do you think about the
celebrity political acts because for me personally i have a hard time taking
them seriously united the message i mean i ve been ask
you to advocate for women’s rights reproductive rights and all that but the same time as soon as he put
celebrities into the next i’m so distracted by the fact that there is
celebrity and i think about how i think about my you know perception of
them azad actress or an actor and i don’t focus on the message and i just
online forget that they have policy preferences and albright n_c_i_’s like
idle i’m glad that they’re door seeing a political candidate and they are being
politically active of course this is a democracy we have the right to do so but the same time like and it’s because it’s symbolic of voters
in america right this is what will appeal to the
exactly acrobat kind of annoys me and i feel like it’s
insulting slash but the reality is you know it’s kind of difficult to looking
like for the people who were interested in the policy they can watch the dates
and find out very little about the possible cause of
the candidates to be fair at something and for the people who are maybe this’ll
said look i’m a big advocate for eva longoria some blood that they use their
and i think that this is one big advantage that the winds have over
conservatives in this country is that we have better celebrities meaning get like javed on them or
something to do so for a puppet ad for mit romney but that’s not going swimming
and so my mother and fortunate but nothing unless he wants an acceptable
antibiotics are used to be back at the river in the puppets of the bus uh…
but now i i think that if this is what’s gonna get people engaged especially when
we’ve had a rough couple weeks for brock obama if you’re gonna targets on the part of
the women because i’m sure that those of you pay attention to polls no but after
the debate mit romney started doing significantly better with women and it
doesn’t make any sense because he is as against you as he was he did a relatively mediocre performance
against a backdrop obama he’s still against you they can talk about how he’s not going
to pursue any anti-abortion legislation and mental act i don’t know what
students do anyway exact lights on the back of that but
they also sign it if it comes in and i’ll still do also to restrictions he’s
not going to sponsor a bill to ban it has boasted they don’t want to be as
they want to have that for the next election but they’ll still restricted in
various ways defund planned parenthood in if you’re one in it shouldn’t take
soldier handsomely to realize the mit romney is not in support of him

100 Replies to “Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health”

  1. Well, murder is a legal term. Something cannot be legal and murder at the same time. And yes, it's life, but so what? A cow is life also, but it's legal to kill them. And lastly, it's the woman's uterus, she gets to decide what lives in it.

  2. We aren't for killing fetuses. We're for women having the choice. If she decides to keep it, that's good too.

  3. name me someone who has died of second hand smoke. shouldn't first hand smokers be dead by the time their 25 if they started around 16? why is second hand smoking more of a threat? (i don't even smoke and i'm offended by the Leftist rhetoric.)

  4. Its also highly unlikely that a 6 month old baby will survive with out care from the mother. So your point is?

  5. Which is the difference getting out of the belly? Maybe you should said, its ok, to commit infanticide as many pro-abortion doctors believe nowadays.

  6. And this comment is pure idiocy. YOU don't have to get an abortion, but if someone else wants to get one, they have the right to a safe one.

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  9. 3:00 "we have hollywood" wwwwwwoooooowwwww because having a better propaganda mechanism makes arguments better I really like the woman anchor but this dude just seems like a vessel for ideology.

  10. I'd sooner abort a child than have it live god knows where and chance a family that won't love it. I'd sooner abort if there was a sever chance the kid would be born with severe issues. I would sooner abort if it risks MY life, if the child was conceived of rape, if the child would not survive due to deformities or complications. For these reasons, safe abortion is necessary. Lose one, or lose both? As a woman, I have the right to say what grows or doesn't grow in my uterus.

  11. No. Not all children are demonized. Some earn the title of demons (AKA sociopaths and child killers). Again, you don't need to support abortion. You don't need to do it. Just don't take the option away from someone else who does NOT share your views. It's like a vegetarian forcing people who eat meat to be vegetarians because eating a cow/chicken/pig/fish is murder. Not everyone shares the view, and you have no right to hate on something that does not even affect you.

  12. I'm not fucking obligated to care for a child. I'm NOT a parent OR planning on it AT ALL. Now, you CAN get a damn good idea of how your child is going to turn out. I'm not saying abort for autism or minor issues like missing limbs or legs that don't work. I'm talking issues that will make them incapable of EVER having a remotely normal life. I mean things that they are so likely to die from within the first five years or less. Problems that mean they will need constant care from birth to death.

  13. You do know that most abortions happen in the first trimester when the "baby" really is no more than a cluster of cells, right? Also, did you know that 1/3 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage with more than half of those mothers having no clue that it happened? Why aren't you crying for all of those babies, too?

  14. It is not a bigotry. What composes a person? I do not consider a string of cells to be a person. It does not think or feel, it's just a string of cells.

  15. Yes, but that IS murder. Abortion…eh, the thing isn't actually considered human until a certain point, and even then it's basically a parasite. Therefore, to letter of law, not actually murder.

  16. I don't HAVE kids, so how the hell am I obligated to care for something that does not exist in my life? If I somehow end up getting pregnant and do not want to even birth it, fuck you I'm getting an abortion. If I'm not taking care of it, I'm not birthing it, and that IS my right to decide. If I want them, I'll care for them. But, I don't, so it's called birth control. I'm a human being, not a fucking uterus with legs. If birth control fails, I will abort it if that's what I decide.

  17. I'm pro CHOICE. You know, to each their own? I'll care about my children's wellbeing IF I have them in my life. And honestly, I think a child is better off aborted a VAST majority of the time than being shoved into adoption or foster care. Again, What I do, none of your damn business. And a fetus is NOT considered human until a certain point, so fuck you.

  18. If you keep pushing to FORCE women to ruin their futures because of accidents, mistakes and forces out of their control, I'm going to be the one walking them to the fucking clinic. I don't KILL children, I'm TRYING to let people have the option of a safe abortion. Key word: OPTION. Not gonna hold anyone at gunpoint and make them.

  19. I consider a fetus a human being with life, once it could live on its own outside of the womb, until that point it's not a living creature. What happens when a mother finds out that this pregnancy will kill her if she continues with it? What then? What if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant from her rape, no one has the right to tell her that she has to carry the child that was forced upon her without her consent and will just be a reminder of one of the worst things that ever happened to her.

  20. I'm 17. I haven't BEEN to a clinic. I don't have any business having kids. Those people who want an abortion, they will get one that could kill BOTH if there isn't a safe option. You cannot stop a woman from aborting a child she does not want if it's her choice. SAFE abortion SAVES as many lives as it ends, and I'd rather save the life and future of the mother over a child that has NO connection to the world outside it's parents.

  21. I find it disturbing that Republicans can lose the Latino vote, the Black vote, and the Women vote and still make the elections seem close and win in some instances.

  22. "War on women?"   LOL!  These sluts need to stick to things they understand – like the proper way to give a bj – and leave the thinking to men.

  23. Liberals, unions, and femenists are ruining the USA, I have no hate against women, i support equal rights but femenists groups are filled with insane people…i would know because i have spoken to many

  24. everything every American doe ruins America  one day at a time, enjoy the shitty rind into the ground while it lasts DR strange love ,  home of the dumb ass land of the  corrupt :S how the fuck did you guys get to become  one of the superpowers…sighs ts time for you to go away now..well soon anyways

  25. I used to be against abortion.  BUT now, after much consideration, I am for it.  I am not God, so who am I to judge another's bad choices. 

    "Child Terminators" have no empathy, generosity, nurturing or mothering instincts.  Who needs more of them in this sociopathic world?  Why do we want more of those genes reproducing?  They are defective specimens.  'Rosemary's babies'.  They are their own dead ends.  Good riddance. 

    Why interfere with God's plan?

    Don't get me wrong, I am strictly for the principal of "don't interfere or intervene" when it comes to the lesser specimens.  Am I upsetting anyone with this post?

  26. Ok I get that you all don't think a string of cells is human. So then answer this question for me please: what is it then? What are those cells? I want to hear what any pro-abortion, o sorry, I mean pro-choice person has to answer.

  27. Men are trying to get control of women's options in reproduction because,Satan's ILLUMINATTI are racist and classiest, the men are now masogenist(sp)? These devil worshipping ELITE men have brainwashing Going on through opinions. Screamed out by one side telling the old schoolers that our opinions are hate speech. But when they force sexual, drug education, private family issues on a first grader. I'm gonna hate their message. Not them. home school

  28. They have changed so many laws in Texas.Domestic relations.Changing dynamic as if to say that women don't want husbands or children. And the ones that own the media makes fun of the low income homemaker. And the rich homemaker.Soccer Mom wasn't a compliment.And those big Suburbans were another dig at women.That automobile dealers sold the husbands for safety.Cos u know the little ladies need tanks n case they plow into something! Politically correct was another word 4 social destructionFamilies.

  29. Personally, I'm insulted by political ads featuring celebrities. I'm not going to pick my vote like sneakers or breakfast cereal. Political ads shouldn't just throw star power and meaningless testimonials at voters. We are smarter tan that.

  30. Broadly speaking im pro-choice, but I hate the way feminists have hijacked this issue. This is problematic for several reasons;

    a) Many women oppose abortion
    b) Half of all aborted foetuses are women
    c) for those who believe that a largely developed foetus is human, surely the father should therefore have a say as well.

    I support early stage abortion and in cases of rape and incest but its plain lazy to dismiss all critics of abortion as 'woman haters' or 'religious nuts'

    this debate is shackled by both sides vilifying each other-

    pro-life people branding women 'murderers' and pro-choice people branding critics 'woman-haters' or 'against women's rights'

  31. Look if I get a women pregnant she should not be allowed to abort my fucking kid without my consent as well as hers that's bullshit you don't want the kid so therefore I have no say its my sperm bitch if your not dying or sick or have a legitimate reason fuck you I want my kid it's sad that the men don't have an opinion just because its a women's body I get it but its my kid to that's how I feel

  32. "It's none of your business that we're intentionally killing our children in our wombs but we'll gladly force you to give us your money for the operations though."

  33. So many people dismiss Scarlett Johansson as simply eye candy and that's stupid. She's famous, and she's attractive, but is that really all we're defining her as? Because when all you see in a female celebrity is her looks and publicize her based on that then everything else she identifies herself as is essentially wiped away and covered up by her appearance. So for everyone in the comments saying that she should "stop trying to be smart" or anything like than then please realize that ALL celebrities, regardless of gender, are people too and most of them are intelligent, just maybe not always in the public eye.

  34. I am not sure if the general population have noticed that these "woman choice", "abortion" , "same sex marriage", "euthanasia", "legalization of drugs" are an evil illuminati agenda for depopulation purposes.

  35. Ana is a supporter of women's rights. John is a supporter of Eva Longoria.

    I'm not sure what it means, but it amuses me.

  36. What a women does with her body is her choice not societies. It might not be moral to you but does it physically affect you in any way? Abortions are not paid for by the government there are no tax payer dollars going toward it. It is all out of pocket. There are laws that put limits on abortions so it really sickens me when they show a fetus for abortions. Yes the women could have "kept their legs closed" or not been sluts or what ever people say but in this world but accidents do happen, sometimes condoms do fail and women get raped. Honestly how many people can say they haven't had sex once in their life? Another thing is that if we do ban abortions I believe that like many things they will start being done illegally which can be very unsafe. I would rather have a women get a safe abortion than maybe try the old fashioned ways in desperation. No women wants to get pregnant and have an abortion it's not something we are proud of, it's not something we look forward to, and I believe that women should have a choice.

  37. And another thing is I hate it when men think they have an opinion what the women does. It might be your sperm in there but you do not have a baby growing in your belly, you are not going to have to go through the pain of childbirth, you do not have to to thorough the throwing up and pain. I understand how you could be upset but forcing her to have the child isn't better. Also forcing a women to have a child that she does not want leads to more children abused and neglected and in foster homes.

  38. The only people who dont support womens right to their own bodies are christian extremists. Why cant we just put all religious extremists on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean?

  39. The Young Turks are YouTube celebrities. That's it. They haven't won any Academy Awards, but they are bothered by professional entertainers expressing political opinions. TYT is a gossipy entertainment show that for some reason is always in the Suggestions feed. 

  40. It's so sad to see blacks like Kerry Washington promoting a eugenics group like planned parenthood. Their founder Margaret Sanger wrote in a 1939 letter to fellow eugenasists Clarence gamble saying that she didn't want it to get out that she wanted to exterminate the black population. In 1926 in silver lake nj she went to a kkk rally which she wrote about on page 366 of her autobiography. Klanned parenthood gives our awards in sangers name even though she called blacks human weeds. Kerry your better that this.

  41. *out.
    80% of planned parenthood clinics are in black neighborhoods. This is why 50% of blacks are aborted. Tyt always race baites but they

  42. Tyt always race bates but they are tricked into believing that abortion is a woman's rights issue when it's only legal to make money and control the minority populations,

  43. Might want to do some homework on "Planned Parenthood"…. Planned Parenthood is nothing but a smokescreen.  Their actions are shameful, they hide behind a "respectable" name and their founder, Margaret Sanger, was a huge proponent of Eugenics.  If you don't know what that is, you might want to do a little reading up, I find it almost laughable that celebrity women of various ethnicities are actually supporting something that was started by a woman who would have denied their very right to reproduce.  It blows my mind that people aren't smart enough to do their homework before endorsing something like this. 

  44. If it were men that carried the babies, abortions could be had a 7-11.
    It is a patriarchal control of women issue.

  45. What liers those leftists are.There's no such thing as a 'reproductive right.It's a euphemism that lets the left not think of what they're doing/advocating which is horrible.Secondly,that life that is inside any pregnant woman,is a human life,not a worm or a rat.Ending a human life is murder;get it through your dual-thinking thick skulls bloody leftists!You are advocating the existence of an ability to murder a child;the only difference between murdering it and a,let's say,10 year old child,is that the first child is inside the woman and is therefore unborn.But it is the same.But as I've written,you bloody leftists are dual-'thinkers' which means that you think something and call it some other name wishing that it becomes something else but it won't.You're dual thinking is the source for your genocidal utopias.

  46. I didn't even notice that there was a white, black and latina in the ad. I don't know why people tune in on that so much…..people are just people to me and I see people of these races every day so I don't think twice about it……………

  47. i find it disgusting that he thinks he can dictate how women treat their own bodies you have no right to force a woman to give birth to a child she doesnt want and seoirulsy its not affecting them if those women want to go to "hell" fine get the fuck over it

  48. I love how the actress that plays a corrupted political republican is speaking out about corruption and republicans.

  49. New York just passed a law allowing abortion right up till birth…which is infanticide. Since I was a child, I could not understand how anyone can kill a baby…no matter how small. It is a life, sacred and precious. The sound of a baby crying tugs the heart of most people. In this day and age, there are so many options if you don't want the child. Yet, people still choose to kill it. Remember that once a mother, always a mother…even if you abort your baby.

  50. To the argument that its just a cluster of cells ,, a fetus,,,, and NOT a BABY, and its ok to kill the baby in the womb read this:

  51. ??? Why is it when someone murders a woman who is pregnant they are charged with 2, yes 2 murders,,,,, so what gives a mother the right to kill that same baby and NOT BE CHARGED with,,, murder????? The end result is always,,,, THE BABY DIED…… ask yourself.,

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