Adductor Mobility & Strength Drill (Inspired by MORTAL KOMBAT)

if you’re looking to improve your
adductors strength or mobility then the drill that you’re going to learn in
today’s video will help you do just that and in a closed chain fashion which is
very important which will describe why in the video hey it’s Eric Wong here
from precision movement and today I’ve got an awesome drill to train your
adductors so these are muscles that often get neglected and only trained as
a side effect of doing other exercises like lunges or squats or sprinting but
this drill we’re gonna target it specifically and in a closed chain
fashion so closed chain is when the limb is planted on the ground or on a wall
and it’s the body that is moving around so push-ups is an example of a closed
chain exercise ok the limb is on the ground and the body is moving up and
down whereas a bench press that’s an open chain exercise and the benefit of
closed chain is that it tends to fire up more stabilizer muscles and you need to
activate more muscles in more complex patterns than an open chain movement so
if you go back to the push-up you’ve got to stabilize the abdominals the knees
the hips the whole body while you’re doing the push-up while you’re moving up
and down with the shoulders in the elbows whereas a bench press
you’re just lying on the bench and it’s just your shoulders your elbows that are
moving so it’s a more complex pattern and it fires up more musculature
now with the adductors this is very very important because a doctor strains that
are very common in field sports or hockey so field sports like soccer
football rugby sprinting around chasing kids they’re very common because when we
stretch out wide the adductors were not used to training them so if we’re
cutting and we’re turning the adductors are being stretched and we need those
muscles to be strong at the end range and if we’re not
training it then it’s not gonna be strong for us and that’s where injuries
can occur so this drill is very important especially if you play any of
those sports okay so in the title I said it was inspired
by Mortal Kombat and you’ll see why because if you’re a Mortal Kombat fan
like I was I played that game all the time
sub-zero this position who does this look like this looks like Liu Kang when
he’s thrown the flying dropkick across the screen so this is the setup here
imagine that your heel is on a plank 2×4 plank you want your hand on the same
plank so if you’ve got hardwood floor or lines on the floor line yourself up with
that that’ll help you okay you want to invert at the ankle so turn the bottom
of your foot down towards the ground keep the knee straight this leg is bent
and you’re just kind of resting on the thigh and the hip okay
the hint you’re on the palm the fingers are pointing that way and your upper
body you want to maintain a good alignment from here all of the movement
you want to generate and to come from the adductors so what you’re gonna do is
before you even move you drive the foot down into the ground and that’s gonna
fire these muscles up it’s gonna activate them and from there think pull
myself up with these muscles not pushing myself with the shoulders pulling myself
up until my body straight hold it keep driving the foot down into the ground
keeping the adductors on my body’s in line here hold and then lower down under
control continuing to drive the foot into the ground and I’m trying to push
this hip as close to the wrist as possible there okay so the descent where
I’m going down towards the ground is very very is the most important part of
this movement that’s the eccentric portion and that’s where a lot of
injuries can occur when the muscle is being lengthened and it has to contract
but it doesn’t have the strength or the control
do you contract and in whatever movement you’re doing and then you get a muscle
poll or a muscle tear okay so again setup in alignment this
knee stays straight this elbow stays straight the whole time inverted at the
ankle drive the foot down into the ground to pre activate the adductors and
then focus on movement coming from the hip the a doctors are lengthening their
old keep breathing keep driving the foot into the ground and then as you lower
down keep driving the foot into the ground bring this hip as close to that
wrist as possible and then place yourself on the ground very very lightly
so we’re developing control through the full range we’re not just dropping down
to the floor yeah I feel like doing another rep on this side because this
technique feels so good now if you get set up into this position and you’re
feeling really tight then just chill out here do a little bit of a passive
stretch if you find you just cramp up way too much over here these muscles
tend to activate to try to keep you in alignment then you can back off a little
bit bring your hand out a little further away and that’ll decrease the angle here
and the TfL and the glute medius glute minimus will shut off a little bit more
okay but if you can get your hand right under your shoulder invert at the ankle
drive the foot into the ground knees straight here elbow stays straight here
and the movement starts what the a doctor is contracting hold anywhere from
five to ten seconds make sure you’re breathing
staying tall and then lower under control bringing this hip as close to
that wrist as possible place yourself on the ground very lightly keeping the
force down into the ground okay so there you have what I call the Liu Kang side
bridge I didn’t even tell you the name of that that’s what I call the Liu Kang
side bridge that technique is an amazing technique
like I said for any field sport athletes like soccer you play tennis where you’re
sprinting around and you have to change directions this is going to help to
build resilience in the adductors to avoid a doctor groin strains great
technique I recommend you doing anywhere from start with three repetitions per
side to sets and build yourself up to three four sets
of up to six reps per side holding for anywhere from five to ten seconds that
is sufficient for this technique in added into your routine you do it
intensely a couple times a week for four to six weeks and then you could taper it
off and throw it in every once in a while they could do other little
exercises like this okay so this is something to definitely add to routine
and if you’d like to learn more techniques like this then I invite you
to check out my hip control course which I’ll throw a link at the end of this
video if you want to see what that’s all about but that’s where you’ll learn new
techniques and a progressive way to build up from current function to having
fully functional hips and all ranges of motion okay so you can check that out at
the end of this video and until next time see you soon peace

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