Adolescent Women’s Health

(light uplifting music) – I’m Doctor Emma Miller, I’m an OBGYN and I practice at
Timpanogos women’s center. So there’s no hard fast
recommended age for adolescents to come in, we generally
say between 13 and 15 just to get them in, that’s about the time that they’ve started their period or maybe had their period for a year or two. I like to be able to see
an adolescent early on in their years so that they’re
comfortable with seeing an OBGYN, it’s something they’re going to have to experience the
rest of their lives. But I want them to feel
comfortable, to be able to come in the first time maybe with
their mothers on one of their exams just so they
can be acquainted with it. Really all I wanna do is make
sure that they’re healthy, if they’ve started having periods that they’re having
normal, regular periods. Girls often don’t talk about
them so they don’t know if they’re having normal or not. Some girls may be having
very abnormal periods but not talking to their mothers
or their friends about it and not knowing that there’s
something that we could do to help them, whether they
be very painful cramps that are keeping them out of school two, three days out of the
month, which is not normal. So they need to know to be
able to ask those questions and know what normal is,
so that’s something that, really just a discussion to
be had first and then to be there for them as they’re
making the transitions. I think there are a lot
of great doctors obviously out there, but being a female myself, as a young girl I wanted
to see a female OBGYN. It’s a time in your life where
you’re not quite comfortable and I think it makes it a little bit easier for them to relax and to know that there’s someone else
that’s been through it that can give them that
experience, and at my office we have a wonderful MA
who’s gonna take them in and make them feel comfortable
even from the start. We also wanna make sure that
they’re there to ask questions and maybe if they’re
starting to ask questions about sexual activity, birth
control, that’s something that they definitely can
get in and talk to us about. (light uplifting music)

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