Advanced African Dance Moves : Advanced African Dance: Stamina Tips

In this clip I will discuss how to build your
stamina. Sometimes in African dance we have certain dancers who go to class maybe once
or couple of times a week. But it’s hard to build the stamina up. In African Dance, a
lot of masters have done this dance since they were young, two years old. So they’ve
built their stamina up. What’s important to realize is that, it’s good to work out and
do other things because African dance can almost be like Olympic running. So it’s very
important to continuously move throughout the week. If it’s going to be two weeks before
your next class, or a week or if you’re going off of a video or some type of instruction.
So it’s important to keep that stamina up to build and you will be able to do the African
dance is better. Move your arms more “freeier”. Move your legs higher, move your knees up.
It’s very important to execute all of these movements properly to show the importance
of the dance cause African dance is about energy and having a lot of it.

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  1. You got that right. I had surgery, and was down and out for over two months, and nearly passed out at my first class after two months. People just don't realize the energy that goes into African dance. You are a great teacher, keep doing your thing!

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