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  1. Can I do it also in the morning? ( By the way I just want to say that I am very thankful for the job that you do I have been watching your yoga videos since 3 years already and I have been practicing pretty much every day. Thanks for your job , we are greatful 🙂

  2. I loved this practice! I've been doing your videos for a while now and its nice to push into some more advanced work! Thanks for this! I really enjoyed it!

  3. I normally do a video and never come back to it but this one I will. Thank you for putting out a challenging advanced practice

  4. Greetings from Iran. I just wanted to thank you for your positive vibes. Ever since I've found your channel, I've been doing yoga and meditate almost everyday. And I'm feeling a slow change in myself. Thank you so much 😍

  5. Hey Juliana! How does one build up the confidence to try advanced poses such as crow pose or firefly pose, etc….? I'm so afraid I might snap a wrist. Do you have any pointers for a beginner?

  6. The main poses are still to advanced for me, but I will keep doing this exercise till I get there! Thanks for the beautiful video 🙂

  7. Beautiful video, but why don´t you give credit to the song?
    The artist is brilliant and definitely deserves more recognition!

    Song: Michael FK & Groundfold – Change

    Hopefully this comment gets some upvotes, so his views are going up aswell 🙂


  8. Wau! I visit so many incredible places around the world with you! I've seen a few so far myself, but you select amazing places – I just want to take my kids & husband there! Thank you for taking me to your journeys, bot mentally
    physically. Love the workouts and little masterpieces (videos). And I invite you to Slovenia, we have adorable places to gym too 🙂

  9. Okay so I can’t do the firefly pose, but I CAN do the extended one. My only problem is I can’t do it with my hands flat. Only on my fongers

  10. fantastic videos, encouraging to practice, maybe I have supporting instruments

  11. Love All your videos. So grateful for them.
    Thank you so much. And Amazing Editing! You always go to such beautiful locations. 💜💜 Much love from NZ..xo

  12. when she was talking about strenght i was like "oh hell yeah i'm gonna do this and work hard" but actually i was exhausted after the first two exercises :'D

  13. I keep coming back to this video, such a fantastic flow! Juliana, would you please do a video where you show how to do the advanced yoga poses (headstand, etc) step by step? I know you have done one for the Crow pose, that was very useful! Lots of Love xoxo

  14. Alright I am DEAD. I LOVED this video but it was a huge challenge since I've only done beginners yoga vids so far. I really need to work on myself but I'm looking forward to coming back here in a couple of months and being able to do it properly!

  15. I didn't read the advanced part, haha there were a few I couldn't do but I loved the challenge and I really liked the music! Thank you!

  16. I feel a severe pain on my lower backside of the hip during the dolphin planks…I've been doing this routine for a month and this pain is new… Is it normal? Does any of u feel it too?

  17. 😀 started doing beginners' yoga 9 days ago, i was like: hmm this is easy, i think i should move to advanced – came here and were like – nope, nope, nope, then figured i can't do 90% of this video so far, counting the moves between positions 😀 😀 😀

  18. Hard to do most of Yoga workout because of my wrist injury.. I wish you upload some wrist-free Yoga workout.. Thanks..

  19. I just discovered you. Loving this moment so much. Thanks a lot for sharing your nature devotion and keeping me focus. ❤️🌱

  20. this looks like exercise to me. maybe im wrong but when i do yoga asanas i remain in the asana for between 1 minute and 15 minutes depending on the asana. standing on your head in Sirsasana for 15 minutes is a what i would call advanced yoga.

  21. Où est ce lieux sur la planète ? Que j’aille le voir; il est splendide. Félicitations pour cette abnégation et cette foi sur la vie. 👍👌

  22. Wonder how much this is really about yoga.. it’s got dreamt cinematography.. a blonde to show off her body and skills but has no soul of true yoga

  23. Love the strength, inside and between, stretching higher – wonderfully easy to imagine that gentle muscle of ecstasy. Thanks for sharing.

  24. She has no real butt. And doesn't even have the arm strength to do push ups. Normal push ups. But in 2015 she had a different strength. Noticeably different. Much stronger and much more healthy. "Lifestyle change?" I'm not going to expand, but wow.

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