Aerobic Exercise vs Anaerobic Exercise

aerobic exercise versus anaerobic
exercise I’ll explain hey I’m dr. Ekberg with
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that you don’t miss anything so many people go to the gym to do aerobics
thinking that they’re doing aerobics when in fact they’re doing anaerobic
what do these words mean and how does that impact us aerobic means
with air and anaerobic means without air so when you exercise at a low intensity
then you can breathe enough air to provide the oxygen to support your
metabolism once you start exercising more intensely then you can’t breathe in
enough air to keep up so you’re exercising sort of without air or
anaerobic and what that means is aerobic as long as you can keep up your body
uses primarily fat for fuel it burns fat and it can keep up but once you start
breathing harder once you start exercising harder then you’re trying to
suck more air in because you can’t keep up and now the body switches from
fat-burning to primarily sugar burning and now as you’re breaking down sugar
you can get a little bit of fast energy but at the cost of lactic acid so as
long as you’re burning fat you can keep up you can keep doing it for a long long
time when you start using lactic acid now your muscles start burning and you
can only keep it up for so long so the fat burning you can keep up very long
the sugar burning you can’t keep up very long so that’s the main difference
between aerobic and anaerobic so another way to approach this is in terms of
stress and cholesterol so aerobic exercise burning fat is a low stress
exercise and anaerobic burning sugar is a high stress exercise and in terms of
cortisol the purpose of cortisol is to provide more blood sugar so when you’re
falling behind on oxygen so you can’t rely on fat now your body has to rely
more on sugar so it releases cortisol the stress hormone so that you can raise
your blood sugar and produce more blood sugar for that emergency fuel to break
down sugar and produce lactic acid so from that perspective aerobic is a low
stress and anaerobic is a high stress so how can you tell if you’re doing aerobic
or anaerobic exercise the simplest way is to notice how you’re breathing if
you’re breathing relaxed if you can breathe primarily through your nose if
you can exercise and maintain a conversation you are doing aerobic
exercise you can breathe normally and that breathing provides enough oxygen to
keep up with your metabolism once you start panting once you start huffing and
puffing once you can’t speak a complete sentence when you’re just kind of
stuttering simple single words then you’re sucking in you’re trying to suck
more air in and that’s because you’re falling behind so that’s a sure sign
that you’re moving into anaerobic you’re moving into higher stress and you’re
switching more into burning sugar for fuel another simple way is to get a
heart rate monitor and if you keep your heart rate below 120 beats per minute in
most cases you will be burning aerobic and if you can get up into the 130 140
range now you’re probably anaerobic and if you
go to the gym to do aerobics then most of those people their heart rates can
in the 140 to 160 range so they’re doing an aerobic
exercise and why does this matter because you want to do aerobic exercise
for a long duration because it’s low stress you can sustain it for a long
time without stress in your body or your nervous system or your adrenal glands or
without creating sugar cravings aerobic you could do for thirty to ninety
minutes or even longer if you like those are things like walking or rollerblading
or a leisurely bike ride something you can do for a long time an aerobic
exercise is not a bad thing but don’t do it for a long time
anaerobic is for fitness it’s for creating some good stress on the body
short-term so those you want to do as intense as possible so look for future
videos on high-intensity interval training and you want to do them less
than 10 minutes as little as five minutes and you do them only in twenty
thirty second intervals so realize when you go into the gym and you’re doing
aerobics for 30 40 minutes and your heart rate is in the anaaerobic range
you’re actually creating a lot of stress on your body so that may not be
the healthiest thing to do if you want to get fit then it’s not a terrible
thing to do if you’re young and your body can take some wear and tear it’s
not gonna kill you but if you’re having some other stress in your life and
you’re looking to get healthy then you do not want to do prolonged anaerobic
exercise so if you enjoy this sort of information of having things thoroughly
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