After Being Shot Five Times, Jay Wilson Pulls Strength from his Wife and Children

You know one Thursday. I think it was a
Thursday, Morning October 1, 2015. I happen to pull up into the apartment
complex. I was supposed to go right, but I went left. Because, I didn’t know if I was
in the right place or not. So as I park the car or I thought I park the car. I
think I put the emergency brake on. I didn’t even park the car. I was making a
phone call to see was I in the right place and somebody pulled up behind me
block me and like a T and next thing you know he was at my door. It was a case of mistaken identity. the
guy who shot me thought I was somebody else it was somebody who was having
infidelity with the mother of his children. who he lived with and he thought I was him 30 seconds later after some
indiscriminate yelling, he raised the gun and shot from window out and that first bullet went into my leg
completely broke my leg and I tried to escape from my life but I didn’t even
get out. The second shot to the back of my head and I blacked out. So the
third shot here (points to neck) fourth one to my stomach — my midsection
and fifth one toward my ribs. I wasn’t even awake for. So to say that God has a
plan for me as an understatement [Laughs] because I don’t understand
how here right now Um. It really tested me as a person to
lean on other people actually was leaning on my family — my wife especially,
because the good Lord without her I wouldn’t be here right now but um… Seeing the strength of my kids actually let me know that you know we as parents
have instilled some things in them and you know you they leaned on them when they needed to. Um. I knew they were scared. you know I knew they were both scared
but my daughter especially was so strong and I don’t know if they were being
strong for their mother or whatever but they were just their strength gave me…
You know how the phrase goes that people say it gave me life. they gave me life This taught me as a father that you have
more strength in you that you really ever know and you’ll be able to call
upon it in kind of big deep and call it up
when you need. It’s kind of like a reserve take you know if you will. But, I
learned that from my kids so actually you know what the five shots did for me
was to ground me long enough to understand where my other strengths lie It’s amazing how you can still
communicate even though you can’t speak. You know and I learned how to
communicate with my hands I had trouble writing because I actually got shot in
the head as one of the five bullets. So I was kind of writing you know all jagged
and everything. It was frustrating but you know learning how to focus and
learning how to rely on all of the tools that you have when one is taken away was
something that now i can use as a father and understand that I don’t have to yell
just because i have that booming voice doesn’t mean I have to yell or scream just because I’m stronger than the kids
doesn’t mean I have to flex on them I can use more creative ways to get
through to my children and that’s really what that taught me. I got back talking about the grace of
God. Simply. Period. Point blank. Ah you know, If you’re watching this right now you having trouble reconciling whether God is real. God is real. Okay. The only reason I can tell you that
is because I had a bullet enter into my throat bounce around and blow out the side of
my jaw over here. Ok i’m missing teeth over here. I had a
hole in my face Ok. I had an external fixator in my jaw
that usually goes in your arm or your leg It’s like four prong brace. That was in my
face for months. For a couple months and I could not couldn’t talk and Trach in my
throat. Um… so, how I’m talking now is? There’s
no medical explanation for it. None, zip ,zero Doctors are looking at me like whoa.
I remember the conversations well if he could do this might be
possible you could get part of his voice back I had to mentally prepared to have one
of those things where you talk like this and you’re on you know like the
commercial to see when people smoking I thought I was going to have to have
that. I’m a broadcaster. Man, this is what i do i use my voice for a living so to know that I got my voice fully back. Its nothing but God. It nothing but the grace of God. He has a plan for me. I have to tell my story. I have to
share it with the world. I have to tell people about God’s great mercy Or else this voice is null and void.
There’s no reason for it to to be working. He could have easily let it stay
the way it was but he gave my voice back for a reason so that’s what I accredited too.

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