Aja Naomi King Tries High-Protein Ice Cream | Food Fight | Women’s Health

“Good source of protein”. I’m like,
“protein? In ice cream?” I’ll be the judge of that. Hi, my name is Aja Naomi King, and Women’s
Health has asked me to try a bunch of high-protein ice creams,
because they know I love ice cream. It’s gonna be really hard to see if there’s anything
that I don’t like here, because I am a really big ice cream fan.
But let’s see what happens! So we’re gonna try this Enlightened – oh!
“The good for you ice cream”! Seven grams of protein. Chocolate chip cookie dough — I love
chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes. Yes. I know I shouldn’t eat too much since
I’m gonna try other ones as well, but… just for the road. Birthday cake! From Halo Top! Smells like ice cream. You know, I don’t know what birthday cake normally tastes like, because I don’t normally pick birthday cake. Oh my god — It’s like vanilla with sprinkles. It is quite delicious! Mmkay — I dunno. I’ll be honest, not the biggest
raspberry fan, but let’s see — Actually I really feel this protein kicking in now. Oh, look at that! Ooh, the top is hard! This is Magnum Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and the — it’s like a — [tapping noise] It’s like whipped. It’s like, it’s soft,
it’s like — I don’t know, it’s like fluffy. It’s a fluffy ice cream. Look at that! That was just like a fun surprise. Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie,
a flavor near and dear to my heart. But wait — there’s protein in this? Five grams of protein. Wow. I mean, has it always been this way? I’ve clearly never read the ingredient label too. This is Yasso Rolling In The Dough. I like that. Yeah, six grams of protein. Got to find this dough part… This one’s like…. It’s like, heartier. It’s like, got some — some grit to it. I think it’s frozen yogurt, and I think — yes. It’s frozen yogurt, so it tastes
like frozen yogurt. Archer Farms. What! This has 20 grams of protein. Alright Archer Farms, better put your money where your mouth is. Ice cream! 20 grams of protein? Prove it. Invite me to the factory. See what you do. Breyers. Another 20 grams of protein. Raspberry Fudge Swirl. Let us see, 20 grams of protein. You know, I don’t normally eat raspberry
ice cream, so I’m like, “is that the thing with raspberry ice cream? That it’s
just kind of fluffy tasting?” I’m so dumb. It’s probably just because it’s like
a little melted, so I’m like, “it’s fluffy!” This is good! That’s crazy. Who knew? Without a doubt. My fave. My all-time
fave, the all-time MVP for me: Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I love it.

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