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  1. Can you do a reaction video to Adam ruins everything's take on this topic? They really panned the idea that alcohol has any health benefits at all.

  2. Dr mike posts a vid about health me lying in bed with ice cream at 1 am………………."……we are two very different people lol

  3. I have a question Dr. Mike. Someone can exercise too much? What's too much? Is 125 minutes of cardio, 360 sit ups and 160 pushups every day too much? I suppose your answer will be something vague and politically correct, like "it depends on what works for you". I should probably add I'm not old but not too young (56) and have been running every day since 1992. And I should also add that after all these years I've given up on getting muscles, for obvious reasons.

  4. LMAO! Well you got my attention regarding this topic. Keep up Dr. Mike. BTW you looked like you were in crack. LOL Thank you for making this so interesting for everyone.

  5. Dr. Mike!😊You are not only an amazing doctor but an amazing teacher as well. I absolutely loved the videos. They show both sides of you your serious side and your sense of humor side in a creative unique way. Keep doing what you love to do and don't worry what others think. You are an amazing human being. Know you have support here in El Dorado Arkansas. Many blessings and joy to you Dr. Mike and your family.

  6. Whether you believe in any religion or not, that's your choice, obviously with consequences 😎/😡 but A Prophet told his followers couple of points to live a long life
    (1) be nice to your relatives, which means even if they treat you horribly still don't break your ties with them. It probably means avoid confrontations which cause you to get angry, which will raise your blood pressure and you already know the harms it can cause
    (2) eat less and you'll live a long life, according to "that Prophet" every human being is destined to consume certain amount of different foods and drinks, no one knows how much but if you eat less then surely you'll live longer 🙏☝️

  7. I know this whole video is meant as a joke but it still bothers me that he listed all those random risks for alcohol. Car crashes, STDs, pregnancies and fetal alcohol syndrome aren't really caused by the alcohol itself but by poor decision making. Might as well claim that exercise might give you sunburn (exercising outside without sunscreen) or get you mugged (running at night in sketchy areas) or give you athlete's foot (communal showers at the gym)…

  8. Doctor Mike, please make a comparison video about smoking and fast food. Which is worse or if are they equally harmful then in what quantities

  9. I lost 100 ponds 4 years ago I have kept all of it off but ten pounds when my friends ask how I say walk walk walk

  10. This was extremely well made and insightful. This guy stress me out a bit but still good. Highly recommended. Great job. It took great insight and talent to produce this! Five stars!

  11. I heard one time that your heart has so many beats so Exercise can shorten your life. What do you think about this Theory?

  12. I have lost over 180 with exercise…all I lost with alcohol was short term memory. I call BS on drinking being easier than exercise.

  13. Right level of exercise might be different for each person. Everybody's hurt Halloween rates different intensities of exercise differently so you should exercise to the point where you feel a little out of breath, but not completely winded. That means you've challenged your heart a bit but are not over doing it. And that point is going to be different from each person depending on age, rate of exercise in the past, presence any conditions like asthma or heart murmurs, diet, genetics Etc

  14. moderate use of alcohol > can set the mood > more sex > health hack according to dr mike!
    but for real, if stress kills then moderate amounts of alcohol might help. And sex is exercise AND lowers stress levels 😛 so yeah win win win in my book

  15. Hey Doctor Mike! Just discovered your channel and I am already addicted. As a student trying for medicine in Brazil, these short and funny, but interesting videos make study breaks also a learning time. But I have a question: What do the J and M mugs stand for?

  16. MMMMMMMM Feels like click bait. Very little actual information. Your other content is better. Love your channel though keep it up.

  17. Well can’t I do both? Exercising while drinking alcohol? Win win if I get to drink a glass of wine while exercising will make me want to work out more!

  18. I had an alcohol problem for a long time his name was *my fiance*. I was cured of this problem when he tried to kill me. Boom, cold turkey, no more alcohol problem!

    This was an awesome format for your video, different, funny, keep it up Doc!

  19. Well, alcohol gives you extra mental benefits, just for moderation.
    While execise is likely to said what is it.

  20. guys… A good example of not doing xtc… This is what happens, so don't do it XD
    I feel like you're one of those guys who is like a little kid who gets extremely active when tired XD

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