Alex Honnold of Free Solo Tests His Hand Strength at the Oscars

100 Replies to “Alex Honnold of Free Solo Tests His Hand Strength at the Oscars”

  1. He is stronger in mind than in body .
    because very few people have strong bodies, but not a few.
    near to realzation.

  2. From my experience most climbers don’t have strong squeezing strength, they have strength to not allow their fingers to open. It’s a different muscle group.

  3. I was expecting him to crush the device like how Vegeta destroyed the punching machine at the world martial arts tournament

  4. Climbing typically has a more open hand style not so much of a fist. I think he'd probably even show higher strength on a more open grip

  5. The dude is obviously an animal. But those numbers seemed a little weak for a guy of his caliber. Idk, I'd like to see some high level wrestlers use this thing as well

  6. Can’t believe there’s people out there who actually refuse to give this guy credit for his accomplishments. Probably not even climbers.. just butthurt keyboard warriors who wished they could achieve what he’s done.

  7. about 20 years ago i went into a climbing gym in Tasmania at this time i weighed over 13 stone and benched, deadlifted and squated my own weight, i was then introduced to a skinny looking dude who weighed probably no more than 10 stone wet, he challenged me to climb a skinny rope ladder without using my legs….i accepted the challenge, i don't think i even made it past one rung such was the difficulty……he then went straight to the top around twenty feet high only using the two fingers on each hand……i was absolutely staggered by this.

  8. 5 hours, 27 minutes later, after 11,329 more reps with each hand, "Well ok, my right hand is over 90 lbs now… That's a little better."

  9. That device was probably in kg not lb. Because normal for a man his age is over 100 lb. I've seen as high as 170 lb.

  10. who cares, Alex is not a human being, he is an ET … nobody will manage to climb the captain at least not in this century….i think so!!!

  11. have the cameraman test it for reference next time, I have no clue if those are impressive results, I'll just assume they are

  12. Without any context, what's the point? You give no info as to what an average grip is or any other context. For shame!

  13. Sure the fame is fun now. Just wait until the fake moon landing crowd decides free solo was fake and he ends up having to KO some asshole screaming in his face lolol

  14. He just gave that device a touch, I am absolutely sure he would do way above 100 lb if he would go crazy and try to crush it.

  15. Common misconception that climbers have an abnormal tight handshake: You are training your fingers and hands to hold on a wall and not to break a broomstick by just squishing it. Just different motions.

  16. Not trying to be mean, I love Honnold, but that's low for a professional. World class professionals have 158 pounds (72kg), you can see Mitdbo and Megos take a grip strength test on youtube, that's what they get without a warmup. That's why all of Honnold's friends joke about him that he grips like a kitten. He himself admitted he doesn't have strong fingers, he can't do bouldering well because of that. I can do around that (40kg) and I'm a very lowly noob at climbing. He's very good with stamina, though, which helped on El Cap I'm guessing.

  17. Strong average for 20+ year old males is about 50 lbs guys for reference. Hes ridiculously strong (obviously).

  18. Wait a second. Based on these grip strength norms, he is just average for his age and gender.

    So why all the fuss? Assuming the machine is actually functioning properly, he is either not trying that hard or his grip strength is very specific only to climbing maneuvers.

  19. I kind of am surprised. I just used the same machine and got 61kg (134 lbs) on the right and 45kg (99 lbs) on the left. My grip strength is technically better than Alex's. Wasn't expecting that lol.

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