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– According to the National
Institutes of Health, more than five million Americans are living with
Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s a big number, but
changes to your diet can help fight
cognitive decline. Jackie is finding out more
in this week’s Healthy Eats. (bright music) – Hey guys, it’s Jackie, and
I am here today with Vickie, who’s a registered
dietician and nutritionist. Vickie, I think a
good place to start is by talking about
how the foods we eat affect the health of
our minds in general. – Plant foods in general really
do affect your brain health and when you think
about it, plants contain a lot of beneficial
phytonutrients. Those are plant compounds
that are in these foods that really do help
our vascular systems do well over the long term. They increase longevity,
they help with overall cognitive health, but also
cardiovascular health. – And we’re talking specifically
today about the mind diet, which has a really big effect
on things like Alzheimer’s. How big of an effect
are we talking here? – Oh my gosh, very significant. The mind diet was proven
extremely beneficial for fending off
Alzheimer’s Disease by 53% for people that were really
compliant with the diet. And for overall brain age,
seven and a half years younger, people really scored
on the testing after being on this diet. – And it’s all by eating foods like this every
day, consistently. What are the major
categories of foods we’re talking about
here in the mind diet? – Sure, yeah, we’re
looking at leafy greens, which are your kale, your
spinach, your collard greens. Eating these almost
every day really showed a benefit significantly. And then, other vegetables,
like broccoli, cauliflower. Then berries were
really significantly
ranked in this diet. Then your whole grains, if
you’re getting three servings of whole grain a day, you’re
doing your brain some good. Nuts played a huge role too. – [Jackie] The final three
categories of beneficial foods were fatty fish,
olive oil and wine. (bright music) – Just a five ounce
glass was proven to be beneficial for
cognitive health. – You’ve got a recipe,
a salad specifically, combining a lot of these
benefits into one dish. And we’re starting
with baby kale. – Yes, yes, I prefer baby kale. It’s easier to chew,
it’s easier to use. – Next step, pomegranate. – That’s a half a
cup of pomegranate, berries with your leafy greens. – This is wheat berry? – Those are wheat berries. You make them just like rice. You’re getting your
whole grain in that. Then we’re going to add our nuts and I used pistachios
in this recipe. You just coarsely
chop your pistachios. Then I am going to make
a dijon vinaigrette. – For that, we mixed up
extra virgin olive oil, champagne vinegar,
dijon mustard, shallots and a pinch
of salt and pepper. I feel like the takeaway
of all of this is just to be mindful of the fact
that the foods we eat can impact our minds
and our futures. – Absolutely. It’s something to start today. Think about adding
more plant-based
foods into your diet. It can help fend
off Alzheimer’s, but also keep your
brain healthy for life. – Thank you so much, Vickie. For Vickie’s recipe
and more tips on how you can be
eating healthy, head to our website,

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