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– How much weight can a human tongue lift?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– First off, we wanted to let you guys know about a brand new music video!
A rap video we’re calling “Just Being Honest” — just released it. – ♪ I’m just being honest-est-est-est ♪ ♪ Honestly, honesty means that much to me ♪ ♪ Honestly, honesty means that
much to me– much to me ♪ Link is in the description. He’s also
right here. Check it out, thank you. Hey. Ah, today we’re examining some of
the weirdest feats of human strength in history. As it turns out, pick a body
part– ANY body part– and someone has attempted to lift a record-breaking amount
of weight with it. And today we’re gonna – go through–
– And we really mean any body part. some of those. And, you know, Guinness
World Records has a lot of world record videos, some of which we’re using today,
and some other videos, so if you’re into – world record videos–
– And they have a YouTube channel with – a lot of those videos.
– Check out their YouTube channel. Right off the bat, I wanna start with
Maibam. This is the dude’s first name. – Well, he’s cool to begin with.
– He is off to a great– Maibam Meitei holds the the record for
the most consecutive pullups in 30 seconds – using only his two pinky fingers.
– Yeah, that’s impossible. – No, it’s not impossible.
– That’s impossible. Watch this clip. Maibam… they pull out
the box and there he goes. Look! He’s just – off to the races.
– It really seems like it’s– he’s so good at– what, does he
got his hands stuck into the bar? His pinkies are in loops and he’s just
killing it. Look! No signs of slowing down. – How do you train for this?
– Well, I think you do pinky pullups – repeatedly.
– Oh. His little pinky didn’t go to the market.
His little pinky went right into the – pullup bar. (chuckles)
– He did sixteen. Now, here’s the thing. – If this guy–
– That’s your toe, really, I guess. (laughs) Yeah. If this guy ever asks
to, like, pinky swear something, just say, “No, I believe you, man! I believe you.” Oh, yeah man, no no, I ain’t
gettin’ in on that game, nuh-uh. So he did sixteen. He only
weighs 112 pounds. Yeah, so it’s not that really
that big of a deal. Pfft. No, it’s still a pretty big deal. The
great thing I love about this is that he did it in front of a blue screen, so you
can put him doing pinky pullups anywhere! – (Link) Pinky pullups in space!
– (Rhett) Ho! (Link) Pinky pullups in
front of a weather map! – (Rhett) Yo… beep!
– And look, he could be doing pinky pullups– he is! Right here in front of us
right now. Maibam! You can do it! Yes! Keep up the good work! Work those pinkies.
Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. New world record right here on GMM!
Maibam right here in front of us! – Oh, he’s still going! He’s still going!
– No no, you gotta clap with your pinkies. – Oh, little pinky golf clap.
– It makes no noise, but this is how – people who cheer on Maibam cheer.
– Cheer on Maibam. (laughs) Uh, you know what? It doesn’t
stop with your pinkies. It moves right to – your ears, Link!
– Of course it does. Rakesh Kumar, also in India, he broke the
Guinness world record for the most weight lifted by a single ear in 2013.
One ear lifting 182 pounds! – That’s crazy, dude!
– Now, we’re not talking a pierced ear, we’re talking just the
ear as an appendage. – Okay.
– He put this thing around the ear and lifted it. We’ve got a video of him
lifting more weight than that, over 200 pounds, with both ears to kinda show you
his technique. Look, that’s 280 pounds. – And it’s just these earmuff things that–
– Oh my goodness! Just the weight of ear. He can pull all
kinds of things with the ear. He pulls trucks, he pulls buses, I mean– How do
you discover this kind of thing? One day, some woman, your teacher, is like pulling
on your ear to grab you and take you– – Yeah.
– somewhere– – And you’re like, “Pull harder!”
– You’re like, “Yeah, try that, woman!” – (laughs)
– Pull a little bit harder. You might as well be a bus. You know? Well, that’s how
it happened with him, I’m sure. (laughs) It hurts to get your ear pulled.
Imagine your beard, Rhett. – I imagine it quite often.
– (laughs) How much weight do you think – you could lift with your beard? Like–
– No, don’t even touch my beard, man! – (mocking) Don’t even touch my beard!
– Don’t even touch it! Now, pull a little bit of it and it’s
gonna hurt, but try to pull your whole – beard at once.
– It’s not long enough. I think that’s the key. Antanas Kontrimas
holds the world record for weight lifted with the human beard. This Lithuanian
(slurs) beard of steel– beard of steel– – (mocking) Beard of steel.
– successfully lifted a 140-pound woman. Here’s a Turkish television show. Look at
this. He’s wrapping his beard around the strap, and that guy’s like, “Whaat?” And
then he’s like… he’s gettin’ down, he’s gettin’ ready, and basically his whole
face could come off. We don’t know what’s – about to happen.
– He could scalp himself. The beard could just rip off and he would be a bloody
mess. It would– the whole, I mean, it – would be a real bad show.
– Ooh, look at ‘im! There he goes! – Oh, victory dance! Oh.
– I wouldn’t be doing a dance. – Oh, oh! Yeah! Give it up!
– Give it up. – Give it up for me and my beard!
– I mean… I like that. I’m thinking about growing
my beard out just so I can stand in front – of crowds and go…
– Yeah, if I could pick up 140 pounds – with my beard…
– You don’t have a beard. I would use it to pick up ladies too.
But I don’t have a beard at all. – Oh, is that a double entendre?
– Yeah. And at the end of the video, he gives the girl a hug. And that’s what
he’s in it for. He’s just in it for the – hugs, man.
– I’m in it for the hugs, y’all. – Picking up the ladies. 140 pounds!
– Okay, well, right next to your beard is what? Your tongue, that’s right.
That’s what you were thinking about. – Inside of your beard is the tongue.
– Yeah, yeah. Right– look right in the – middle of my beard. Focus.
– Bloop! – And it just pops right out!
– (laughs) There it is. Thomas Blackthorne from the
U.K. holds the record for the heaviest weight lifted by the tongue. And I don’t
mean, like, putting a pullup bar on the tongue and going… – He’s got a piercing, doesn’t he.
– He’s got a piercing. – Oh, gosh, no.
– Here he is lifting… yes, 27 pounds. Oh man, he’s got a hook
through his tongue, dude! Yeah, so you can see he gets it in there.
He looks a little bit like Dracula, or – just like a dude in a metal band.
– Eugh! – And then he takes this huge hook…
– No! No, no… and gets it through there.
And the crowd is not into this. – Me neither!
– Nobody likes to see this. And you really think that, oh, this thing’s
just gonna pull right out of his tongue. – Yes!
– Yeah. And… – you might wanna avert your eyes, Link.
– It doesn’t. It doesn’t happen, does it? Well, would there really be a video on
Guinness World Records if… – Yeah, yeah. He’s got it.
– if he hadn’t pulled this off? I mean, the tongue is the strongest
muscle in the human body. – Pound for pound, you’re right, Link.
– But… the brain’s gotta be smart enough – to know to not let the tongue do that.
– Oh! Eugh, there he goes! – (crowd gasps and claps)
– Look at that! It’s turning blue. – The tongue is turning blue, Link.
– Eugh! – And he’s not even had a slushie.
– Oh my gosh. It’s just turning blue because… goh!
Hey look, and he comes back down slowly. Never has a tongue hated the man it
resided in more than that guy’s tongue. You don’t know, the tongue
may be into this. – No, the tongue is hating that.
– It makes the tongue stronger. – All right.
– What doesn’t kill the tongue, makes the – tongue stronger.
– (laughs) I’m gonna move on to something – that is a little disturbing to me.
– Oh. That wasn’t? I didn’t think it could get more
disturbing than that, but Australian strongman Chayne Hultgren,
AKA “The Space Cowboy,”… ♪ Some people call him the Space Cowboy ♪
Some call him completely stupid! Listen. He holds the record for the heaviest
weight pulled with his eye sockets! – His what?
– His EYE sockets! – Can you make it more guttural?
– (deeply) Eye sockets. – Oh, I didn’t say “evil.”
– Oh. – Just wanted guttural.
– (slightly less deeply) Eye sockets. – There. Somewhere in the middle.
– Okay, check out this video, man. Clickety-click. Now look at this. – Oh, oh! Eugh, oh!
– He takes hooks and hooks them under – his eyeballs.
– Is he a Shriner? – Yeah.
– Why does he have that hat? – Is he in the Lions Club?
– I don’t know, dude. – Ohhh!
– He is not… – (pained noise)
– And look, he’s pulling people on a cart. Nobody wants to look at this! I don’t want
to look at this! Why am I– why am I? This is how my son watches scary stuff,
through the protecting binoculars. Now, this is a rickshaw containing three
people and 220 pounds. We’re talking 907 pounds total. Gosh!
Oh, he’s a skinny dude too. – Eugh.
– He could’ve put a shirt on. It doesn’t matter how skinny he is, Link,
he’s using his eye sockets! Oh my gosh, look at the dude go. And the
people on the rickshaw are the ones that I’m concerned about. Why would they be
party to something so weird? I’d be so afraid to move in any–
it’s like– what’s gonna– (sighs) And he ends up pulling that thing 32 feet. – I feel so dirty watching that.
– And then the people get off the rickshaw and they’re like, “If you’d told me that’s
what you were gonna do, I wouldn’t have – gotten on the rickshaw.”
– I wouldn’t have gotten on this rickshaw – ride. I wouldn’t have been to this.
– I wouldn’t want to be a part of this. – I wouldn’t want to be at this.
– Why stop at eye sockets, guys, when you – can go to the nether regions?
– Really? – Yeah.
– No. Ah, this is a thing, Link. It’s a thing
called “Qigong.” It’s a Chinese martial art. There’s a master of this called
Tu Jin-Sheng, who apparently has trained people to be able to lift things with
their– yep, their you-know-whats. He teaches a class on this.
You wanna sign up? – No.
– No, I didn’t think so. Three dudes, including one 71-year-old
man, pulled a truck with 100 passengers – in it.
– Now, they’re fully clothed, right? Yeah, they just got, you know,
there’s like a string coming from– – From their zipper?
– All I got is pictures of that. No one – had the… to actually, ah, film this.
– (laughs) But what we do have some video of is the
training that the guys undergo in order to – become great at doing this kind of thing.
– What!? – Yeah.
– This is wrong, man. – Link, they call it “The Iron Crotch.”
– That’s not what that part – of the body’s for.
– They call it “The Iron Crotch,” though. – That doesn’t make you wanna do it?
– No! Okay, so… it seemed like good marketing
to me! I was signing up yesterday when I – read about this.
– Zillions of dollars wouldn’t make me – wanna do it.
– So anyway, I guess you could lift it with– (laughs) Lift whatever
you want with whatever you got. – (laughs)
– You wanna set some records? I feel the need to apologize but also
thank you for liking and commenting – on this video.
– You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Cecilia.
– And I’m Joe. – And we’re from (inaudible), Costa Rica.
– And it’s time to spin (both) The Wheel of Mythicality! Again, make sure you check out the all-new
music video, Just Being Honest. Link is in – the description.
– Also, click through to Good Mythical More where we discuss– well, I’ve made a
contraption to see how much weight I – can lift with my teeth.
– Don’t hurt yourself. – It’s pretty heavy.
– Two angry French chefs. – Je suis Laurent.
– Je suis René. (bad French accents)
Muy angry at this croissant. – Croissant!
– Croissant, yeah! – Wha-bow!
– Croissant! – CROISSANT!
– Die! Mort! – Mort?
– Mort-ay. – Morte. No, Spanish. French. (chuckles)
– Oui. – Oui. No sí.
– (both) Oui. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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