An Avant Healthcare Nurse’s American Dream | Augustine’s Journey

My dream for coming to America was to
practice nursing in an ideal setting or a setting that is more ideal than I
had back home in Nigeria. I chose Avant because they were professional in their
approach, they were accommodating, they were reassuring. They gave me the impression that
it wasn’t just about them bringing in people, it was about me becoming
successful. When I got off the plane at the airport and my foot stepped on the
ground I realized it was no longer a dream. The country is now a reality. Then
there’s this anxiety about how it was going to be. When I eventually met the
Avant staff in person all my fears or my anxiety and everything dissolved. The
recruitment team is wonderful. They are the team that prepares you and I saw it is a task having to take all the calls, having to check emails all the time,
having to check go online check applications and coming in every day and
evaluating all the scores that people have submitted.
It takes quite a lot of energy to get done. The NCLEX team held my hand
throughout the process. What more can you ask for? Someone who is
already here who understands the different requirements of the different
roles. But the thing about Avant is this – Whether you are a fast learner or a slow learner,
the Destructoid for you the way you understand it. The skills lab was just like
a mini hospital where we had opportunity of the most recently skills in a
well-equipped skill and I got immediate feedback from the instructors. All the
medical supplies and there were things around just like we find in the
hospitals around in the US. It’s not just a business for Avant, it’s
about helping people achieve their goals, helping people become successful here in the
United States. The cultural transitions team helped me get settled with
driving, the assignments here in the office, with setting up the apartment and
all that was needed to make me successful as someone living in the U.S.
At this time I feel pretty confident that I could go anywhere I want to go in
the U.S. and knowing that I’ve been prepared. One thing I have to tell anyone
who wants to apply to Avant is to do it now, because with Avant you get
professional service, you get guidance with the process no matter your
circumstances, no matter the challenges that you have, Avant is flexible enough to
help you overcome those challenges. my name is Agustin Christopher this is
my story Wow you

9 Replies to “An Avant Healthcare Nurse’s American Dream | Augustine’s Journey”

  1. Good job Sir, I always knew you would get to the peak of your career, thanks for the impact you made in our studies…

  2. Awesome! I see Tracy and Jenny!!! Cheers Augustine!! Ooooooooga oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa

  3. Want to start living YOUR American Dream? We are hiring registered nurses! Apply NOW at

  4. Wow congratulations Christopher. That is also my dream to be working in overseas but am stuck with ielts . I love the avant team so much that I follow them from South Africa. I wish one day my dreams come true. Need help though . Keep it up avant team . God bless you guys . Team work .

  5. I just got signed with Avant few days ago and looking forward for an amazing experience with the whole Avant team ❤️

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