An Overview of ECU’s Postgraduate Strength & Conditioning Course

Hi. My name is Associate Professor Greg Hoff
and I’m the Course Coordinator for Edith Cowan University’s postgraduate degree in
strength and conditioning. We are strategically partnered with the Australian Strength and
Conditioning Association to be Australia’s only Level 2 accreditation provider. Additionally,
we’re recognised by the National Strength and Conditioning Association in the United
States, the world’s largest strength and conditioning education association, as a postgraduate
degree. One of the things we’re most proud of here at Edith Cowan University is that
we have the Presidents of both these prestigious organisations on staff to educate you about
strength and conditioning. One of the things that we want to do is give you the best possible
education we draw upon our knowledge from these two organisations to allow you to become
a strength and conditioning coach. Since graduating from Edith Cowan University, I now work as
a strength coach in a private facility here in Perth. The Masters in Strength and Conditioning
has provided me with the tools and the knowledge to be able to further my career as a strength
coach. The practicum here allows me that opportunity to be able to test my knowledge in a practical
sense and then allow me to provide world-class skills to my athletes. I chose to study the
Masters in Strength and Conditioning course here at Edith Cowan University to truly understand
the biomechanical and physiological processes that underpin training. What I really enjoyed
about this course was the level of application the course gave me I now feel confident to
step out into the strength and conditioning field and work with athletes of all levels
and help them to achieve their sporting endeavours

2 Replies to “An Overview of ECU’s Postgraduate Strength & Conditioning Course”

  1. I read Greg's work on periodization years ago, after implementing it my squat rep weight doubled in a little over a year. I went from squat 245 3sets 7reps to 495 3-5sets 5reps. I don't Max because I haven't a spotter in my late schedule, but these are very significant gains!
    If I could ask Greg any question right now, it'd be his thoughts, or a point in the right direction, on Intermittent Fasting? I vaguely recall that athletes proved to perform better after some form of breakfast, but I'm currently caught up in an information battle about the amounts of naturally produced HGH for health with IF. I honestly don't know where to safety turn for the correct accurate data? & the overwhelm is stagnating my training.
    I enjoy lifting & am having trouble seeing how short plyometric workouts will compete with developing me equally to weight training, even with IF's increase in HGH.?? Currently I use IF on a Keto diet & hit the gym after breakfast or lunch to try to optimize on some of this naturally regenerative HGH.

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