27 Replies to “Angelica Species (Dong Quai): Not My Favourite Herb for Female Health”

  1. I have not seen any direct evidence of that. My issue with it is that is exhibits blood thinning effects and can compound the action of anti-coagulant drugs increasing risk of internal bleeding.

  2. I took this hoping my period would come regularly, my period did come but for 9 days?? what can I take (natural) to keep my period regular?

  3. was wondering if you could answer or make a video about don quai,  can it induce miscarriage? what dosages may induce it? and how? 

  4. So you want women on the pharmaceutical pills so that it'll line YOUR doctor pockets and your crooked politicians' pockets? But if women are on the natural herbs and plants (which the pharmaceutical companies use in their concoction in their labs) you and your crooked politicians won't make anymore money off the ill……..hmmm

  5. Why would anyone in their right mind take those pharmaceutical poisons to relief pain when the right herbal formula can "heal" the root cause of their pain? All pharmaceutical pain relief drugs are hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic. Stay way from ALL pharmaceutical drugs. They don't cure and they will screw the most the important organs in your body that's associated with longevity, the liver and kidneys. Even the simple asprin can cause GI bleeding, why pick on a herbal medicine? Use only herbal medicines. Don't mix toxic pharmaceutical drugs with herbal medicines and you should be fine. If you're afraid of bleeding issues, you can take Dong Gui(当归) together with Notoginseng powder (三七). Notoginseng powder promotes blood flow but it also stops bleeding "fast", both internally as well as externally, and stops pain. It is so fast acting that it has been successfully used in a life and death emergency situation. Now, that's one smart herb! Take it regularly and you'll never get a stroke or develop age spots (aka liver spots) due to age-related poor blood circulation. Stay as far away from Western medicine as you can because they're all toxic to health and can never offer any cures.

  6. ok but asprin can cause death so… 1 side effect for a natural herb in comparisson to multiple for an over the counter drug.hmm ill wait.
    P.S – the side effect isnt even an actual side effect because none of the woman tested actually had internal bleeding. He said it ' made them more suseptable to it'

  7. just go natural. He basically spelled it out that its either 1 or the other . Tumeric is anti inflamatory, anti depressive, anti anxiety, alkaline and a cancer preventative as well as healer of that and numerous other things. not one pharmaceutical drug that ive heard of can do that and thats only 1 natural remedy.

  8. Nowadays human lifespan can go up to 50-60 with chronic deases in more advance systems and educations.. 😁😁

  9. A parte that I think if you make a choice to take herbs/ natural treatments you should not take chemicals at the same time. But this is info is very useful, it should be on all the informations on the supplements that include Dong Quai. Personally I prefer Don Quai and drop aspirine or anything chemical…. but if i didn t know I could have had problems taking aspirine during the Don Quai assumption…

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 of course not… you not getting that money .. we should let y'all kill us right? 😂😂😂😂😂


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