Angry Cat at the Vet – Fractious Cat Restraint

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  1. My cat had a vet jump across the room. She's got razor sharp nails and has had a nasty disposition. Over time she is mellowing. She will be four in October. She has let me brush her. I still have faith! 🐾❤

  2. I could not do this as a job not because the animals are so angry but because it makes me so devastated thinking how they got to that state…

  3. Humans and their early trearment of animals from the time when they are young is most often the cause for aggressive , bad behaviour.
    They have their reasons for their anger and often it comes from fright and mistrust…
    Just as we humans are the product of our childhood…
    It takes courage to handle an angry animal but I have experienced with love and kindness and constant reassurance rescued frightened dogs do transform and learn to trust and love and calm down eventually.
    It takes immense patience n understanding and time to soothe and calm them..
    Bless these vets who tend to them and save their lives. 🌿🍁

  4. What kind of dissase is this? because my cat take prozac is like cat in the video…stress post traumatic?

  5. If I was that cat, I would just stare into Sarah's beautiful big eyes, surrender and turn around, expose my belly and go "yeah baby, do whatever you want with me!"

  6. I'm usually the best person in the house to handle cats. I was trying to give my Mom's cat a pill when she got me on the hand above the thumb. It didn't take long for the red lines of blood poisoning to set in. I had to have 2 antibiotics and was left with a scar. It can happen so fast!

  7. I feel that gloves were necessary to health purposes as we do for Human Living Being Soul. Nothing personal, overall, great job.

  8. I think people tend to forget that cats are still deadly predators at core sometimes like a wolf dog or so, sure you can domesticate it but you can't make them forget their instincts imo

  9. What a great job you and your staff did and no one lost their patience. This will probably recommend everybody to with their Pets. 🐾🐾

  10. Not a cat owner, but curious (honest question). If an animal is known to become this angry when visiting a vet, could they not be sedated at home before being brought in? Would that not be less traumatic for the animal and much easier for everyone involved?

  11. The cats 🐈 owner would have to handle her own animal i’m not putting up with all of that nonsense just for a routine check up.

  12. What incredible treatment! I'm amazed and impressed at the total confidence and nonchalance. (And the lack of hawking gloves, let me be completely frank here.) You folks are superheroes.

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