Anna Harris introduces Unloc’s You Speak course

Hi. My name’s Anna, and I work for Unloc. I run the You Speak course in five schools
across Portsmouth. It’s a public debating and skills-based workshop
course, so we teach a skill in the first half of the session, and in the second half we
do a debate on animal testing, for instance, or whether the voting age should be lowered,
or whether STEM subject students should have to pay less for their fees at university. However, rather than me talk to you about
the course, I thought I could pass you on to some of the students to let you know what
they think. So, what have you enjoyed about the course
so far? I’ve enjoyed getting my opinions across and
letting everyone hear my views. I’ve been enjoying sharing my opinions and
arguing against others. I enjoyed coming out with our own topics to
debate about. And Sammy? I liked being able to decide who’s more convincing
in the debate and being able to talk about why your decision is that. Along with teaching debating and new skills,
each week we also select a star debater, and this week it’s Joel from Admiral Lord Nelson. He’s in year eight and here is the end of
his closing statement about why animal testing should be banned in the UK. OK. Do you have a heart? One pesticide testing caused a bare average
of twelve thousand animals to suffer. If you are cynical and disgusting, I can imagine
why you’d find that OK. But let me ask you this. Would you experiment
on another person’s child for, let’s see, befits to your economic standpoint?

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