Annie Overson, DNP – Brigham Center for Women’s Health

(upbeat music) – My name is Annie Overson. I’m a women’s health nurse practitioner and a certified nurse midwife. I work in Brigham City at the Brigham Center for Women’s Health. I was a labor and delivery
nurse for 12 years. And as a labor and delivery nurse, I found a passion and love for women, and taking care of women, and newborns, and not only seeing newborns being born, but families being born. And as I became more experienced as a labor and delivery nurse, I realized that I wanted
to be a much bigger part of this experience with women. Brigham Center for Women’s Health offers a really nice, friendly environment for women to come and get
their questions answered. Dr. Ferguson and I, I feel like we do a great
job with treating patients on an individual basis,
knowing them by name and really just helping them feel welcome. I care for women, and teens, and elderly women. I address birth control
issues, cycle control issues, pregnancy, which is kinda my passion. I also address menopausal symptoms, post-menopausal symptoms. But what I value the most and
what I’m passionate about, is just making it a team effort. Nothing is my plan, it’s their plan. I’m just there to help them realize what their options are,
and then help them. I kinda think I’m more like a tour guide how I present options
and then help women find the best course of healthcare for them. I’m just really thankful
that they allow me into that part of their life, and that I get to be a part of that. (upbeat music)

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