Annual Women’s Health Exam

(uplifting music) – My name is Kristen Wright,
I am a nurse practitioner at Canyon View Women’s Care. I’m also adjunct faculty
at BYU College of Nursing. So, it’s important for women to have routine exams and screenings
for several reasons. Number one is our life is busy. We are crazy running around
trying to keep up with things. And if we don’t talk to
a healthcare provider, then we sometimes forget the
things that are important for our health to make us
feel healthy and strong. So some things that should be
checked on a routine basis, you should know what your blood
pressure and what’s normal. Another important thing is a BMI. BMI stands for body mass
index, so that tells relatively how appropriate your
weight is for your height. Besides the fact of
testing for breast cancer, there are other cancers that
we’re screening for too. So Pap smears, the recommendations
on that have changed over the years and so it makes it hard for women to know what to do. Now the recommendation is at age 21, we’ll do a Pap smear on women, and it’s every three
years up until age 30. And then at age 30, it could
be every three to five years. So, other cancers that we can
look for are ovarian cancers. This is one that scares most women because you don’t have overt signs of it. It’s something that’s a
little bit more hidden. And there is not a great
screening tool for this, but we use a combination
of sometimes a blood test, sometimes it’s ultrasonography, and sometimes it’s just a bimanual exam where we can evaluate if the ovaries and the uterus seem normal. So, that’s why around age
40ish, it’s still a good idea to go in every year and
have a routine exam. There are some genetic tests
available for breast cancer, only about five percent of breast cancers are actually genetically induced. But these women that do have those potential genetic factors, it’s very important to know that.

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