Anthony Joshua V Greg Davies V Judi Dench STRENGTH TEST! 💪🏋 – BBC The Graham Norton Show

Because the last time, you guys were
on the show together. Yeah. Anthony and Greg
did a boxing challenge and in a bit of a shock result,
Anthony won. Isn’t it weird? Isn’t it weird how the heavyweight
champion of the world would beat a biscuit-eating comedian? He should have both his arms
tied behind his back. Now, so this time, this time, we’ve
got another challenge for you. The last time it was
one of those boxing things, that’s what we did the last time. This time we’ve gone for one
of those funfair test of strength machines. OK. So if you’d like to
bring in the machine. Here it is. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Come down to our test of strength. Now, the two of you are going to
stand in front of it. You’re going to have a
face-off in front of this. OK. OK. We’re taking this seriously! Yeah,
yeah. We’re taking it seriously. It is of strength, but I believe
technique plays a huge part in this. How tall are you? Oh, look! Oh! You’re taller, you’re taller.
APPLAUSE Now, OK, OK. Maybe I’ll be turning up! To get us in the mood, Ken Branagh
is going to give us just a little
bit of form before we do this. Do your face-off, do your face-off.
Come on. Off you go. OK. Ladies and gentlemen, on the
left, they call him The Postman, because he always delivers,
it is the undisputed, heavyweight champion
of the world, Anthony Joshua! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And on the right, they call him… What is he looking at? They call him The Courier.
The Courier? Because he sometimes delivers… ..unless he gets stuck in traffic. It is Greg “Man Mountain” Davies! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE So, here we go, here we go.
So, AJ, you go first. I just want to say, I thought
that was going to be heavier. OK. It’s not heavy.
OK, you go first, you go first. Mind the cameras, here we go. It’s not golf! Whoa! Oh, dear! Oh, dear! LAUGHTER You go now, you go now.
He missed it. I know, I saw. I saw that. So, really, it doesn’t matter how
hard I hit it. You might miss it as well! Like that? Go on, try, try. Hit the
bell, hit the bell. Go on, go on. CHEERING Here we go. The Courier. AUDIENCE: Oooooooh! DING! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Do you want to go?
Have a go, have a go, have a go. Walk this way. Walk this way, grab a hand.
Grab a hand. Be careful! Walk this way.
I’ll walk this way. Anthony, why don’t you help Judi?
Help Judi. I don’t know maybe Greg could
help… ANTHONY: You could be helping! What were you doing tonight? Just
handing a hammer to Dame Judi Dench. Come on. Judi Dench for the bell,
Judi Dench for the bell. It’s very heavy. I would stand very close.
I would say you’re about there. Yeah. OK, here we go, here we go.
Is it right? Yeah. Oh! Beautifully done. Hey, you were better than him! Well done, everybody. APPLAUSE DROWNS SPEECH Look at you! Who knew? Don’t worry about it. Who could have predicted that?
Don’t worry about it. April the 13th has been cancelled. No, no… The venue’s still on. Champion. CHEERING It’s a new career.

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  1. Sadly this show has become a lot more contrived than it used to be and don’t even get me started on Jonathan Ross. I guess they’ve run out of ideas instead of just sticking with decent conversation.

  2. Not a Joshua fan as I like Tyson Fury but I do like Joshua is a humble and respectful person but I think both Joshua and fury are the same in a sense

  3. Kenneth Branagh introduced Anthony Joshua as the Undisputed world heavyweight champion, but he's actually the unified world heavyweight champion, meaning he has the three of the four major championship title belts in boxing, the IBF (International Boxing Federation), WBA (World boxing Association) & the WBO (World Boxing Organisation), he also has the IBO (International Boxing Organization) title, but the last belt he needs to be Undisputed world heavyweight champion is the WBC (World Boxing Council), which is being held hostage over in America because Deontay Wilder refuses to fight him.

  4. AJ's technique was terrible there! What was with the backswing?! Just hit it as Greg did. Straight up and down. AJ was going sideways for whatever reason

  5. Seriously Greg has something. Can my future imaginary husband have this ability to make me laugh? 😂 I love this guy

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