Apollonia Healthcare — your new medical solution

Hi. I am Victor Malevich and I am addicted to
cycling. I go for interesting places to make my own
cycling records. But no matter what country I am at I always need to be on track with my heart issues. That’s why it is crucially important to be in contact with my doctor and check my health. And I can do that thanks to Apollonia In-touch app and it’s digital garment I can safely share my data with a doctor and pay for hisservices with APOLLO coin. My name is Elizabeth Wong and I am in dentistry
for more than 10 years. Having Apollonia with it’s Dentist 24 ERM system I have an extensive functionality for doing business Including accounting and ordering medications Here I lead the entire patient’s database, their families If I need we can communicate by the built-in video I record diagnosis and make treatment plans. My name is Betty and I have a favorite toy Polly. We do everything together. Hey Betty. Next week I need to take you and Polly to
the doctor for the vaccination. Ok mommy With Polly I am not afraid of anything. Apollonia — one ecosystem solves lots of medical issues.

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