Application Of The Golden Rule – Andrew Carnegie

I assume, from your remarks, that there are
few benefits to be acquired through a mere belief in the Golden Rule? (a) Very few! Passive belief in this rule will accomplish
nothing. It is the application of the rule that brings
benefits, and they are so numerous and varied that they touch life through almost every
human relationship. These are some of the more important of the
benefits:The Golden Rule Applied opens the mind for the guidance of Infinite Intelligence,
through faith. (b) Develops self-reliance, through a better
relationship with one’s conscience. (c) Builds a sound character sufficient to
sustain one in times of emergency. Develops a more attractive personality. (d) Attracts the friendly cooperation of others
in all human relationships. (e) Discourages unfriendly opposition from
others. (f) Gives one peace of mind and freedom from
self-established limitations. (g) Gives one immunity against the more damaging
forms of fear, since the man with a clear conscience seldom fears anything or anyone. (h) Enables one to go to prayer with clean
hands and a clear heart. (i) Attracts favorable opportunities for self-promotion
in one’s occupation, business or profession. (j) Eliminates the desire for something for
nothing, (k) Makes the rendering of useful service a joy that can be had in no other
way. (l) Provides one with an influential reputation
for honesty and fair dealing, which is the basis of all confidence. (m) Serves as a discouragement to the slanderer
and a reprimand to the thief. (n) Makes one a power for good, by example,
wherever he comes into contact with others. (o) Discourages all the baser instincts of
greed and envy and revenge, and gives wings to the higher instincts of love and fellowship. (p) Brings one within easy communicating distance
of the Creator, through the medium of an undisturbed mind. (q) Enables one to recognize the joys of accepting
the truth that every man is, and by right should be, his brother’s keeper. (r) Establishes a deeper personal spirituality. These are no mere opinions of mine. They are self-evident truths, the soundness
of which is known to every person who lives by the Golden Rule as a matter of daily habit.

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  1. The golden rule is to accomplished open mind to faith, self reliance, cooperation to others and freedom from self established limitations. Provide a reputation of honesty and set an example to others. Self evident truth☕️

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