Are Injuries From A Gynecological Procedure Maryland Medical Malpractice?

You’ve suffered an injury as the result of
a Gynecological procedure and now you are wondering An I the victim of medical malpractice want
to Know the answer? Hello I’m Marcus Boston and
I am A medical malpractice attorney practicing
law In the state of Maryland and I would like
to Give you some insight today in gynecological Procedures and errors that result from these Types of procedures the best way to explain
this Is through an example and in this example
there Was a patient who went in for a routine Gynecological therapy procedure which is the D & S procedure and in this procedure the Cervix is dialated and a scraping occurs of
the Uterine area now when the doctor performed This procedure the doctor preforated the patient’s Bowel but the doctor did not notice the preforation The doctor did not repair the preforation
the Doctor did not do anything in regards to the Preforation that occured the doctor closed
the Patient up and sent the patient home on her
way The patient called and contacted the doctor
and Was like look doc I’m having abdominal pain
I mean I’m really having a hard time and the doctor
pretty Much informed the patient that it’s just a
result Of the surgery you’re going to have some pain And things of that nature well we fast forward Into the future this particular patient had
to Be rushed to the emergency room and in the Emergency room that’s where they determined
and Found that the patient’s bowel had been preforated And she had been leaking fluid into her abdominal Area that fluid then turned infectious and
that Infection lead to sepsis and the patient died
now Why have I taken the time to explain all of
this To you today? Because I am hoping that you
can See that when you have a gynecological injury That a lot of the analysis in these types
of Cases is going to turn on what did the doctor Do? If the doctor made an error did the doctor Notice the error? If the doctor did notice
the Error did the doctor repair the error or did
the Doctor just send the patient home on their
way? If you are watching this video today you are Wondering am I the victim of medical malpractice As the result of my gynecological procedure
and You want to talk to someone about it this
is what I invite you to do pick up the phone and give
us A call I can be reached at 301-850-4832 or
you Can send me an email to [email protected] We answer questions like yours all the time
and we Would be glad to hear your story well that
is it For today’s quick educational video again
I’m Marcus Boston and I’m one of the medical malpractice Attorneys here at BLG and we will see you
next Time guys take care and have a great day! Boston Law Group, LLC 301-850-4832…

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