Ariel Lee, M.D., Obstetrics & Gynecology – The Corvallis Clinic

The opportunity to serve as someone’s
physician and specifically the chance to be their OBGYN is a real honor, It takes
a lot of trust to choose someone as the person who’s going to help care for you
and your child through their pregnancy, through their delivery, and to be the
person that you see for preventive care through the years. And so the most
rewarding thing for me is being able to have those relationships, with patients
then see them grow over time. My approach to patient care, I think is based on a
firm belief that any successful relationship between a physician and a
patient is a partnership. There’s a real magic to the field of obstetrics and
watching people kind of, develop, and grow their families. That relationship doesn’t
end after the baby, is born you have the opportunity to form relationships with
your patients that lasts for their whole lives. So my interest outside of medicine
include, creative writing, I was a double major in college, so I studied biology
and creative writing, specifically with a focus in fiction. And that’s still a very
important thing for me in terms of being able to balance both sides of my
professional life, and my personal life. I also really enjoy outdoor activities
such as hiking, and kayaking, and I love to go out to eat, because I am a terrible
cook, so I enjoy kind of exploring different restaurants.
So when I was making the decision to join The Corvallis Clinic, what I was
really struck by was, how well the different groups of people that I met
seemed to work with each other. The communication between office staff and
physicians, communication between different departments, seemed to be clear
and direct, and I was really struck by how was an organization there seemed to
be a overall goal to have things work together smoothly and efficiently to
provide the highest level of patient care possible.

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