Ask The Engineer – Memory Card Read Error Prevention (S1 E3)

Hey Rich! Ya busy? A little bit, Rob. Whatcha got? I got another question from a customer. Oh I’m having trouble reading the contents of my memory device. I think it’s due to a loose connection caused by vibration. Is there anything we can do to help? Actually, yes! Panasonic’s eMMC SD Card is 153-ball grid array. It’s a great solder down option for high vibration applications. It’s also great for high security applications, where you don’t want someone to pop out, and pop in a new SD Card. Oh, that’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen one of those before. Where are they used? Uh, these are primarily used in the automotive industry for head units, as well as PLCs, thermostats, HMIs, GPS Units. Here. Take a look at this… The customer can also take advantage of Panasonic’s Log Analysis Service. Log-a-what? Rob, Panasonic’s Log Analysis Service. Basically, we’ll send the customer a test card, he’ll run it in his application for a few weeks, send it back to us, and we can calculate the life time estimate for him. Wow, that’s pretty unique. Panasonic can also do a comparison between different types of SD Cards. We can calcuate how long one card will last versus a different card. But is it really any different than the SD Card from my camera? Yes, actually, Panasonic’s SE Series here is rated for 60,000 write cyles, Panasonic’s Consumer Plus Series, PE Series, is rated for 20,000 write cycles. Panasonic also designs their own controllers. And these are the most robust SD Cards we have on the market today. Wow, but do they all commicate the same way? Let me show you. Now take a look at this, Rob. Cinderella story here at the 18th hole in Augusta. Out of nowhere, Rob O’Connor, former Panasonic Engineer, about to become the master’s champion. A hush comes over the crowd as he putts for the green jacket. And he makes! He makes it! And the crowd goes wild! Maybe we could pretend you never saw this?

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