Augusta University Women’s Health

I have always wanted to be an OBGYN and
I remember wanting to tell my great-grandmother what I wanted to be
I’m wondering if she knew what an OBGYN was. I was always interested in math and
science as a kid and learning how the human body works. My parents were both
physicians I’ve been exposed to it since a very early age. So I think that’s what
really got me interested in going into medicine. So when I became a parent the
thing that changed a little bit in my practice was the real experience of
being a lactating mom and being able to help my patients through that. I feel
like they can tell me okay this really isn’t working for me and I’ll say that’s
totally fine. We have a formula fed baby and a breastfed baby and they’re both
smart and beautiful and wonderful. Yeah any obstetrician is gonna tell you that
one of the best things is that you get to go and help celebrate birthdays all
the time. To participate and probably one of the
happiest days in most families lives is a it’s a real privilege for us to be
able to do that. I think that’s probably the biggest thing but I mean I think
there’s other things when you have patients that are facing uncertain
diagnoses and things like that and to be able to help them and work through
problems and things like that is all very satisfying. You know I was just
telling a friend how much I love this community. There’s so much collaboration
everyone feels like they’re part of the wider community and it’s just wonderful.
I think that there’s a lot of support. I think there especially here at AU health
I think that the doctors really want to work together to seek and provide the
best care for patients. There are so many things that I love about my job but a
group of people working together to get deliver the best care for patients is
one of the best moments besides delivering a baby that’s…really awesome. (laughter)

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