Aureon Technology Aides UCS Healthcare With Growth And Mobility –

We’d like to think we’re early adopters, we
read the book “A Flat World” by Friedman back in the early 2000s, which talked about the
future of the internet and how we could begin managing our processes anywhere in the world. We could be communicating with our management
team, our patients, and that became the vision. Early on we went to web-based systems and
our electronic dosing things. We were on a web-based system with our electronic
health record, but it was a minor electronic health record at that point in time. Basically we had to deliver data to the state
and our substance abuse treatment system. And so we developed all kinds of myriad
little systems here that frankly Aureon has helped us marry together and solve some of
the problems that we’ve had. But yes we use a lot of data and we’re data-driven,
and it’s very important to protect that data. The most important thing for us is to be able
to keep systems going. As I said there are 544 patients that touch
base with us every day, if those systems go down we’re dead. We’re dead in the water, and panic ensues. Having Aureon back us up with redundant servers
and the ability to get us back online within hours if there’s a problem, within minutes
if there’s a problem is essential to how we have to do business. Our systems were fragmented in communications,
and Aureon was able to help us tie all of that together so again we have a solid platform
and communication so we can talk to one another. We can find our data systems where we need
them and we’ve been able to expand services primarily seamlessly because of the connectivity
that Aureon provides. The cloud has been instrumental in us being
able to work from anywhere in the world. We enjoy that flexibility, I’m able to travel
to do the job I have to do. Our employees, our doctors, our nurses, are
all able to look at a record wherever they are It’s happening securely and seamlessly, quickly
and perfectly, every time. In the near term due to the opioid epidemic
that’s running across the country right now as you see in the press, we’re going to respond
here in Iowa by adding medication units across the state and treatment facilities that’ll
be a two-person medication unit that will be able to deliver medications to people who
are suffering from addictions, to help them solve that issue. The only way we’ll be able to do it is with
the infrastructure we have put in place with Aureon’s help and services. It enabled us to plan easily for the future
and do those medication units pretty seamlessly. The beauty of Aureon was that we could go
offsite, and we always have someone available to help us with a problem. Whether it’d be writing a ticket for a computer
that’s not starting today, or writing a ticket asking for a proposal for a whole new process
or system. We don’t have to rely on one person we rely
on an entire organization, and Aureon is that organization.

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