Ava’s Vision for Women’s Health | Part 1

we’re right now at the place where you can get technology for everything everything in your life is so much simplified by technology because so many smart people working so many solutions for every for your everyday tasks but somehow in cycle tracking and when it comes to women’s health there’s just almost nothing being done there my wife was using the temperature method for years since I have been in wearable technology for a long time I was sure that there must be much better ways to know when you’re fertile then actually taking the temperature at the same time every morning it is amazing how the female body changes throughout the cycle I believe that the journey of getting pregnant and having healthy baby could be so much easier I would like for a launch to be the women’s health products that is easy to use and gives me insights about what is going on in my body at any life stage we want Davis to be a long-term companion of women and support them to have a healthy and natural lifestyle

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