AVX TCN/F38 Series Capacitors | Digi-Key Daily

AVX has expanded its wide range of SMD tantalum
polymer capacitors by offering their TCN series to deliver the industry’s highest CV rating
in a low profile package. Perfect for small power modules and handheld
devices, the TCN series use an under-tab design to maximize volumetric efficiency. This design approach allows these polymer
capacitors to provide a 150-microfarad, 6.3-volt rating in T and L case sizes measuring only
3.5 millimeters by 2.8 millimeters with a low profile of only 1.2 millimeters and 1.0
millimeters, respectively. Also, these polymer capacitors are suitable
for continuous operation with just 20 percent voltage derating due to their reduced ignition
failure mode and surge current robustness. Other features include high-frequency capacitance
retention and low ESR values.

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