Awareness Women’s Health

Hi and big Hello to all my Women friends! We as women has various roles to play. as daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother and many of us various professions holding important positions like teachers, doctors, lawyers, business women, actors and so many that is why a healthy women means a healthy family and also a healthy society so much the important of women’s health and yet it is neglected, don’t you think so? also the illness related to the women is on the rise be it gynecological illness like menstrual disorder, PCOD, fibroids, cancer of the breasts, cancer of the cervix medical illness like thyroid, hypertension, diabetes, mental illness so on and so forth so we need to seriously think of our health and give time for ourself Our team at Healing Harmony is organising a workshop on Awareness related to women’s health Which is on the 15th of June, 3 to 5 pm at Healing Harmony Homeopathy Clinic at liberty garden road no.2, malad west So all of you women, ladies, girls from all ages are invited to attend the workshop Also for more details visit us on And also for registration you can call us. Thank You.

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