BACK STRENGTH SECRET!! 1 Move – Overall Strength

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  1. ques. you don't seem to bend over very far? i thought the ideal position was having your back close to parallel to the floor? i'm close to 50 and i find the more parallel i am the less stress on my lower back?

  2. Hi Jeff, can you recommend some home lower back strengthening exercises, with resistance? I'm not very comfortable with deadlfting, plus I don't have barbells or a station where I can do hyperextensions. I have dumbells and bands.

  3. Yo, I hope you don't mind me replying.

    Supermans, good mornings and reverse back extensions without weight.

    With a single dumbbell, try starting off in the dead-lift position, standing up and lifting the dumbbell in front of you to head level in one motion.

    If you are unsure of what any of these exercises are just give them a quick Google.

  4. I have a question,that row,if done as you do it would you be against one pulls the bar to the abs from that position keep arms on the sides and raise to standing up as in dead-lift,hold and lower back to starting position.Or is it wasted effort?

  5. The easy way to tell if you have a week lower back is to jog a mile or two. If your lower back screams in agony sooner than you thought; welcome to my world. How come your lower back hurts so much when you're otherwise in good shape? Sitting in office chairs. They're designed to support your lower back and modern chairs do a really good job. Fixing it costs nothing and requires no equipment. Just sit on the floor with no support instead. The atrophied muscles and tendons gradualy strengthen

  6. Great advice.
    always pointing to the facts which are actually simple but lost in the complications we put ourselves in during work outs.

  7. Thank u for making these videos thiers things I never knew and the various muscle groups I learned a lot and I am a athlete my self training now for college football this will come in handy

  8. Thank u for making these videos thiers things I never knew and the various muscle groups I learned a lot and I am a athlete my self training now for college football this will come in handy

  9. that movement of the hip is not that hard you know anyone who has experience with the ladies in the bedroom should be able to use it very well.!!!

  10. If you have anterior pelvic tilt what would you suggest? I try to engage my abs and glutes when rowing and pressing for stability tuck my glutes under.

  11. I always thought it was a natural thing to do this with the pelvic area. Even before i done my fitness instructor causes i always tilted my pelvic area forward as i felt a lot more comfortable doing so. I just feel that people don't think whilst feeling the movement! What i mean by this is to try the movement until they feel completely comfortable with the movement with out weight weight basically to find correct form.

  12. Are there any back exercises where I do not do this… tilting my hips to engage my lower back? Do I engage the 'low back' as you put it, with back pulldowns or chin-ups? Sounds like I do it for any squatting, deadlifting and rows….

    Do I engage my lower back to make a better bridge when chest-pressing or is this a perfect illustration of when we do not want our lower back engaged here? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide @ATHLEAN-X™ ! Your videos are awesome

    Also, how about kettlebell 'swings' where I am attempting to use my posture chain to press the weight forward…. am I engaging the whole time as I squat and raise or do I disengage on the 'negative' // 'concentric portion'? 

  13. wow his back is crazy uneven… the erector spinae, the rhomboids and low traps, the lats… he has an abundance of back asymmetry…

  14. As always great tip Jeff. Im a PTA and i bodybuild and trust me i understand the importance of a strong lower back and this tip was perfect.

  15. I've been watching your videos and I have to say just the little notes on technique, range of movement, and squat variations, I am developing muscles that I've never seen pop out from exercise. This is crazy because I have been working out for many years, but just by watching your vids and other fitness videos I have learned the formula for diet and exercise that work best for me. Anyways, keep being an inspiration! Thank you so much for being a positive influence on my life! <3 🙂

  16. And last thing, I am happy to see that I am developing abs on my lower back like yours, its so rewarding to see that even though my muscles too bulky I have a lot of definition. Your vids have shown me to modify my exercises in ways that mimic the way our body's natural movement. You have helped me cure my back pain because my back, hips, and hamstrings are stronger than they ever were. Thanks again! You truly have changed my life and I will forever be greatful. Check out my bodyspace and let me know what you think!

  17. I think a lot of people these days already have to big of an anterior pelvic tilt and overactive spinal erectors. Too much sittin going on

  18. Jeff what if I already have an anterior pelvic tilt that causes me lower back and hip flexor pain, should I keep lifting weights ?

  19. Jeff what if I already have an anterior pelvic tilt that causes me lower back and hip flexor pain, should I keep lifting weights ?

  20. I have been doing this while deadlifting and i'm pretty sure that is the reason for my back pain. So the question is if you should do it on all back exercises. But I were also born with an Anterior Pelvic Tilt so that may also be a reason.

  21. I have given the bent over barbell row a fair shake and it never did anything for me. Pullups, heavy single arm dumbell rows, romanian deadlifts and bardips built my upper back.

  22. this dude is on the spot. I'm an occupational therapist who works with UB biomechanics. without any proximal stability at the core, any distal movement is very difficult and prone to injuries

  23. I have a weak spot in the area that you are talking about which really is getting into me lifting even my shopping bags. would you please help put a video for people who have back pain in how to strengthen this area. it will help me and lots of people who struggle with back pain.

    my back pain is making my belly muscles week and that makes my life hard. at the end of the day my back hurts because i can't use my abs. i think they are related to each other. i don't know where to start. abs or back and I don't know how to do it at home. like to go slow and get ready to work out.

    thanks for your videos. and I have learned lots of things that I would have done wrong! keep up your videos you really save people from hurting themselves. and to better exercise.

    Best regards and sorry for the long comment

  24. i have recently recovered från lower back injury and started back to gym, but i need help in building core muscles in my lower back so can u plz have som cours spcieal for core muscle in the back kindly guide me.

  25. Thank you for your videos they are very easy to follow them but mostly funtionals and give me motivational streght every time!Thank you because seens when i start to follow your videos i have gain muscles and most important,i build honest discipline and consistency day after day 😉 ;)Daniela from Norway.

  26. Thank you for this video, I've watched 4 other popular workout channels on the bent row, not one mention of anything low back. They all say "and bend over to about here"…you're a god send athlean x. THANK YOU

  27. Man, the first two minutes in, I was like what the hell are you talking about, bit it's clicked for me now! Thanks for the tips!

  28. This was so helpful!! I've always felt uncomfortable squating, never feel like my knees, hips, or back are in the right place. Thanks Jeff!

  29. Think of it like you're just pushing your hips back, that's what I do
    Also gives a great stretch in the legs

  30. The problem with back muscle may be every second person… And it doesn't matter whether you are a woman or a man 🙂 Thanks for the exercises and helpful tips! I found another interesting way to strengthen back muscles:

  31. yes, i can do that pelvic tilt. do i use it when i am exercising, nope!! i will try to remember to do it before performing my exercises from now on though!! thank you so much for sharing and setting me straight Jeff, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  32. I wish I would have watched this earlier. At least before I injured my back last Sunfay with deadlift I did completely wrong😢 recovering day by day but I am a bit dissappointed

  33. Very nice. Not too long ago I stumbled onto an article saying to breathe into your low back to really stabilize your core 360 degrees. Really helped me out

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