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Get up, get up, get up, get up. Usher, baby.
Ooh, oh oh oh. I’m gonna love you, yeah.
Baby, ooh, oh oh oh. Soon as I touch you there. Come and ride on me like the waves.
I flip the pages ’cause I wrote the book on the way how to sex you up, sex you up.
We can do it like I’m on the stage, we’ll have an audience.
Baby, I’ll show you the way that I sex you up, or I can lick you up and down ’til you
say. You love how I eat on that pussy, you just
might go put a tat on that pussy. That says Usher, Usher, there’s no other,
other. Damn girl, yeah, you got that juicy, love
when I make you cum, I make it gushy. One without the other, I’m the champion lover,
lover. Fuck you to sleep, wake you up again, I go
so deep, beat it up again. Girl, come. Nighttime is the hardest. That�s normal,
I promise. You�re not alone in that feeling. You�re
not weak, you�re not less capable of getting over heartbreak than other people. You�re
not weird or pathetic for staring at your phone screen and wanting nothing more than
to see it light up with their name. What you are is hurt, and temporarily broken,
because you were brave enough to let yourself feel something.
Because you can�t experience incredible love without also being willing to go through
the possible pain of it. And right now, that�s what you�re doing. You�re experiencing
the downside of the thing you were brave enough to try. And because all of your brain�s energy during
the day is going towards keeping you functioning, even if it�s just on autopilot, what that
means for your nighttime routine is that all of the sadness and aching and pain that was
suppressed during the day comes inadvertently rushing out, demanding to be felt and acknowledged
and consumed. That�s why it�s normal that you find yourself
punching your pillow at two in the morning, feeling frustrated that the person who broke
your heart has also found their way in to the one time of your 24-hour day that your
mind is supposed to be freed from thinking about them, the one time of day when you�re
supposed to have a 7-or-8-hour break. Feeling the kind of relief that only sleep can bring,
until you wake up and remember after 10 or 11 seconds why it feels like there�s a brick
in your stomach. The worst truth here, though, is that the
only real thing that is going to heal you is time.
You won�t be completely cured, you�ll be forever different because of this experience.
You won�t look up and feel immediately happy again one day, and okay and fine and like
nothing ever happened. But you will slowly begin to get to know this new version of yourself,
the one who now understands what it feels like to have your heart broken and to keep
living anyway. The one who looks at everyone in a new light because you understand that
there are so many ways that people can experience invisible pain. The person who at one point
felt like their whole world had ended but had kept going anyway. You will eventually begin to like this person,
this new you. You will appreciate their company and see that there are a lot of things you
once did with another person that you can still be happy doing alone.
You will be okay, even though your days will constantly jump between being up and down,
great and still incredibly painful. So during this in-between time, while you
are waiting anxiously to heal, just remember that you aren�t alone. You�re not the
only person lying awake at night, unable to sleep because the pain in your chest is too
loud. You are a human, experiencing what millions of humans before you have experienced. And
you�ll be okay, because it�s in your bones. Even if tonight is not that night. I hope you found about Back To Sleep Chris
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