Backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah

– [Male Voice] Let’s try to make him jump. Go. (soft thud)
– [Female Voice] Yeah. (rythmic electronic clanking) (repeated thudding) (leaves rustling) (dog barks) (rhythmic tapping) (soft thuds) (soft whirring) (loud thud) (soft whirring) (clanking and banging) (yelling) – [Male Voice] Go. – [Unison] Yeah. – [Male Voice] Go. – [Female Voice] Wow. – [Male Voice] Yeah. (thump) (metallic whirring) (loud clattering) (hollow thud) – [Male Voice] No. (metallic clattering) – [Male Voice] Oh. (loud thudding) – [Male Voice] Go. Awww. (laughs)

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  1. ekk bat bolun bhaii jaisi harkatey yee robot krr rha haii orr mere ghar pee rat aa gyaa naa orr yee harkatey krr dii main too ghar chood k bhagg jaungaa apneyy

  2. Soon they will strap a shrapnel bomb onto these and send them out en mass on the battlefield. Mission: find anyone, get close , blow yourself
    ( and the enemy ) to bits. After the battle, we just turn the unexploded ones OFF and collect them for the nest engagement. Can you imagine
    HUNDREDS of these things coming after you?

  3. Has nobody seen terminator or the matrix? Stop making goddam robots! We have MORE than enough ppl. And last time I checked, I don't think there was a shortage of miniature, back-flipping cheetahs anywhere… so why?

  4. I believe an underground group has already started designing robots that can attack and kill they have a partnership with northrop grummon They have plans to enter the whitehouse by underground secret tunnels that they built and ran fiber optic wire threw them so they can operate the remote control robots that can spy, record, and kill I bet they know i posted this and ate plotting against me right now they may persecute me or try to put me away with the help they have from local authorities as they help the group in anyway they can so that does nor look good for me so, if you do not see any post on here from me then you know why please pray, that AMERICA WILL STAY THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Our upcoming AI overlords will send in these through windows armed with tazer pacifiers with 9mm suppression mini gun mounted on its back. Good work MIT. 👍👍👍

  6. Who is paying for this research, and what and why is the results to be used for?
    Sorry folks most nerds do not care about future results only present projects and in reality research for research is their only concern.
    Are they doing it so that someday you can have a mechanical pet, I don't think so.
    Will it someday aid in military and Industrial usage for robotics to either replace or kill mankind is of no concern.
    How many hundreds of millions of Federal Education Funds are yearly given to MIT, over $ 400 millions, and not a penny for students and undergraduates not working on special projects.
    Quarantine borders surrounding a creative process, for special interest, a cocoon nerds wrap themselves in.

  7. In current news, MIT execs busted for financially supporting the "Epstein sex trafficing ring". #Billgates #pedophiles………

  8. 小型軽量型で威圧感がかなり減ったけど、足の関節が逆だったり動作がどうしても
    可愛さの欠片もなく、変な怖さがあるからどうもねぇ( ´ー`)y-~~

  9. I think the hardest part was probably coding. I'd image we could build the actually body for decades but a complex paper wieght isnt useful

  10. How will you guys feel when the rich elite use your weapons to hunt down and murder innocent slaves? Oh yeah, why do you think you are building it? For fun? Lol, you are not as smart as you think, or maybe like these guys you will do anything for money and power?–wcM

  11. lol can pass as a kids toy on a good day. robots are a bust. aint getting made for real. story writers have more brains than scientists. why they made robots and scientists cant in real. only a new machine age looms. everything will be machine made. nothing handmade. forget tailored suits and custom watches. standard run of the mill issue for everyone in everything.

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