Baked Bell Pepper And Chicken Kebab – Healthy Food

You are watching Food Diary & today we will be making Bell Pepper & Chicken Kebab. To make Bell Pepper & Chicken Kebab, we need Minced Chicken – 200 gm And Ginger Garlic paste-1 tsp Green Chilly chopped 1 Spring onion Green part – quarter cup 2 medium size onion, chopped & squeeze to remove water Coriander leaves – quarter cup chopped 1 tsp thick cream ; Salt Pepper according to taste Let prepare Bell pepper for stuffing First of all, divide into two parts like this This is simple, take a bell pepper & cut into two along the lenght i have not removed the stem. we will need it Place a cut in the middle & it will divide into two. i will cut them into two Now we will make stuffing To make stuffing, i have taken minced chicken in a bowl – 200 gm salt & pepper salt half tsp & pepper quarter tsp- OR according to your taste Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp Green Chilly 1 choppped 2 medium sized onions- grated & squeezed to remove water green part of spring onions – chopped quarter cup Coriander leaves – quarter cup chopped 1 tsp thick cream 1 tsp Olive oil Mix it well Combine all ingredients well. Third Step We will fill the stuffing in the bell peppers press it while filling So that the stuffing is filled properly no space to be left press with spoon or hand to fill properly fill like this Stuffing is done we will top it with cheese This is optional if u like cheese than u can top it up with cheese it look nice & enhances its taste it you do not like cheese than u can give smoke flavor. How to give smoke flavour , i have shown before in my videos. My previous video, smoked BBQ chicken has complete steps for] how to do smoked flavour’ You can watch the video to get the steps. Link in description box Otherwise you can bake it with cheese in Oven I have applied cheese layer. Now we will place all the bell peppers in tray & place in preheated Oven for about 20 minutes & 250 degree centigrade Bell Pepper & Chicken Kebab are ready Do try it. They are delicious & healthy We have not fried them rather baked them with 1 tsp olive oil Do try it & give feed back in comment sections If you like the video Do subscribe to my channel If you donot like my video, Watch it again , like it & then subscribe Until next time, do take care of your self.

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  1. It's very easy and it takes less time to making, Moreover, the absence of oil is a healthier thing. . . . . .

  2. Love your cooking vids. They look easy, but that could be because you're so good at it, but I love how healthy they are.

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