Balance Trainer Strength Training Workouts

[Intro Music]>>DREW WALSH: The balance trainer is a great
tool to challenge an athlete’s balance, dynamic core stability and upper body strength. Due to its design we are able to utilize both
the flat and round surface for a further training effect. Here’s one way to use the balance trainer
to perform the push up to increase upper body strength and stability. The athlete will place the hands on top of
the balance trainer, shoulder-width apart, knees of the ground, legs straight. Big exhale bracing the glutes, core and quads
and proceed to push away to the top of the push up position. Then, controlled lower and repeat while maintaining
good posture. Here’s another way to utilize the balance
trainer. We’re going to work single-leg stability
and balance. We’re going to have the athlete step on
top of the balance trainer, then get into a single-leg stance, soft knees, soft hips
and we’re going to have the athlete lightly tap forward, to the side and straight back,
while maintaining good posture. Using an unstable surface during training
promotes the recruitment of our upper and lower body intrinsic stabilizers which gives
the athlete more control and body awareness. [Outro Music]

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