Baptist Women’s Health Center Diagnostic Mammography Video

Thank you for choosing Baptist Women’s Health Center The following video will show you what to expect when you’re scheduled for further diagnostic testing For diagnostic testing, please plan to be at the center for two to three hours Your exams will be personally reviewed by one of our seven female radiologists You will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the radiologist who will go over the results and answer any questions before you leave the center When you arrive You will be greeted by an admission representative at the registration desk and will be asked to complete some required paperwork You may pre-register online, but will need to complete a breast history sheet Please bring a photo ID and insurance card for your visit The patient coordinator will call you back Assign you a small locker to store your clothes and give you a comfortable cotton robe to change into for your exams You will be then escorted to the diagnostic waiting room known as the gallery Where you can help yourself to magazines and watch TV while relaxing in a comfortable chair A mammography technologist will bring you back to take your mammography images Here are a few tips to make your exam more comfortable Keep your toes pointed straight ahead at all times Try not to clench your teeth as it tightens your chest wall Relax and let the technologist position you While the exam may only take minutes the technologist may take numerous images for the radiologist to review As the radiologist spends time reviewing images you will be taken back to the gallery where you can relax in one of our massage chairs A patient coordinator may call you back for further images if needed An ultrasound may be used to get a closer look at an abnormality on a mammogram It can be used to determine if a lump is fluid-filled or to look through dense breast tissue This test uses sound waves and does not expose the patient to radiation Once all images are reviewed the radiologist will meet with you, explain your results and answer any questions As a center of excellence Recognized by the American College of Radiology and the national accreditation program for breast centers Quality and patient experience are very important to us. Thank you for allowing us to care for you You may receive a digital copy of your results by signing up from my chart Baptist’s patient portal Available through Baptist electronic health record Baptist OneCare My chart is a free app accessible via phone or computer that enables you to securely manage your health information You

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