Beauty in Strength

My name is Rita, and I’m from Fremont, California. I am Jackie Perez and I’m from Dublin, California. My name is Erin Cianciolo and I’m from Alexandria, Virginia. My name is Andrea Ager and I’m from Denver, Colorado, and now I live in Los Angeles. I’ve been CrossFitting for two years in September. I’ve been CrossFitting since 2008. About two and a half … almost three years now. I’ve been CrossFitting for five years. Working hard and doing a lot of CrossFit will not get you bulky. I work at an all girls gym and I love it but that’s what every girl comes in saying. Every single girl. Because they don’t want to look bulky and they don’t want to be, um, so lean that they lose their boobs. Or they lose their butt. You know, they want to keep their curves. And that’s normal. I always try to tell them, just like, don’t worry what your body is going to look like. Just worry about your diet. Worry about things you can control. And it’ll end up being exactly what you want. Back in high school I was uncomfortable with how I looked. Throughout the whole time, I either wasn’t blonde enough. I wasn’t skinny enough. I didn’t have a big enough butt. My butt was too big. I don’t think I was ever confident in myself because I never I guess I never put the work hard to look a certain way. So I never liked what I saw because it wasn’t what I wanted to see. My perception of beauty has changed over the last few years. It went from okay, there’s this woman in the magazine This small, tiny little waify thing. With, you know, a lot of makeup covering their faces. OK, that was beauty. But it wasn’t real beauty. Looking at that now I’m able to identify the difference of this is someone made to look a certain way to be presented on a magazine. And true beauty, part of it’s strength and fitness and confidence in yourself. It changes everything. I used to eat good, workout really hard go home, look in the mirror like *sigh* I still don’t see what I’m looking for. Because I wasn’t doing any of the work to get there. I was just trying to be skinny. That wasn’t getting me anywhere. With CrossFit I set goals. Like, I want to deadlift 225. I am going to hit that faster and I’m going to look in the mirror and like what I see. So performance goals are going to get there faster which is going to get you to what you want to look like. Most people think this is going to happen really quick, and it’s not going to happen really quick. It’s going to take some time. It’s going to take a lot of goal setting. It’s going to take a lot of hard work. A lot of people don’t want to do that. I think that hard work and the way that your body looks are … go so hand in hand. But I think people want to do either one or the other. Any they notice … they realize after looking at someone’s body like ‘I don’t want to look like that.’ And they watch them train. And they go ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to have a lot of work to do.’ ‘Until that happens.’ But once you do get a body that you want it, um, it you’re very proud of it. You’re very proud of what your body can do. CrossFit has made me more confident. Made me stronger. It’s made me more fit than I’ve ever been, than I ever thought I could be. I don’t have to wear sweats because I don’t feel good in what I’m wearing. I just feel much better all around. I’m not working out to look good. I’m working out to be strong, to be fit. CrossFit actually made me gain muscle and lose fat. which was exactly what my body wanted. And now it’s kind of like a homeostasis. Like now it’s happy this way. But I think for a long time I was trying to change it so much because I thought I knew what I wanted to look like. And now I’ve very comfortable. My guy friends beforehand, you know, sexy girl with somebody, you know, big breasts big butt tiny waist. Now it’s changed. They see these girls, you know, they have shoulders. They’re strong. You know, not what you had seen before. I mean, it’s completely changed. Men are always now like, ‘Oh wow, that girl she looks amazing.’ ‘She’s so strong.’ Muscle. I think muscle is really pretty, and it enhances a woman’s looks. I’ve worked my butt off. I’ve trained really hard. I’m very proud of my physique. I always think that I look the same. And I live in a community where I teach and work at multiple gyms. And I’m only around CrossFitters. When I go other places, that’s when people are like ‘Oh my gosh, what do you do?’ Or like, ‘Are you a bodybuilder?’ Or ‘Are you a CrossFitter?’ Or they like ask these questions and I’m like … I don’t ever think I look different. And it’s actually something people hadn’t expected. Before men, ‘I don’t want my girlfriend to have, you know, big traps.’ ‘I don’t want her to be strong. I don’t want her to look a certain way.’ Now it’s like, ‘Wow, I really think that my girlfriend’s beautiful’ ‘because she’s so much stronger. She has muscle tone.’ And it became like that whole song that came out, my chick bad, my chick hood. That kind of just exemplifies what CrossFit has done you know, to, um, show how women have changed with CrossFit. And how men look at them. I’m girly. I’m a tomboy most of the time. I’m a woman. And I’m also a CrossFit athlete. I’m a mother. I’m 36. And I’m a CrossFit athlete. I’m 28 years old, and I’m a CrossFit athlete. I’m 22. I’m beautiful, I’m strong, and I’m a CrossFit athlete.

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  1. Uh, crossfit is bullshit.  None of these women are remotely bulky or defined … or even actually strong, compared to a normal figure model or female bodybuilder doing a normal workout at a gym.  Normal meaning using proper forms instead of bullshit crossfit motions that makes you look like you're having a seizure.

  2. To regular people who want to burn pounds some day, Copy And Paste into Google Skinnimaker System so you can get started

  3. Why do so many people hate on Crossfitters? I've worked out my entire life and I've seen the "Athletes" at the gym, do one set then walk around the gym for 10 mins. They brag about having worked out for 2 hours when in actuality it was maybe 30 minutes. Crossfit is short high intensity workouts, how is that bad? How is it B.S. as a few short sighted folks have said. If you dont want to or cant do it, then why talk negatively about those who do? We are the fattest nation in the world many times over, at least Crossfitters are doing something about it.

  4. first they say crossfit will not get  you bulky,then, the girls are so proud of their beautiful muscles and bulky body .. so wtf? i hate advertising

  5. buuuuut…. what? you're not getting bulky? but you're so damn bulky, crossfit must teach you some weird mental trickery then too

  6. Uhmm…these girls are great and everything, but they have probably been doing this long enough for them to get used to their own new looks…and they say they're not bulky…but they are 😛 I mean, for a girl they are (just look at those traps), fit for a guy (you know the kind of skinny/lean but fit). Not that there's anything wrong with it, but they don't seem to realize it. Femenine fit is…like Jen Selter, for example. 

  7. Beauty will always be beauty and those girls can't change that,I mean big boobs,small waist and big butt is the female icon in America sin like ever! So they sure as he'll be admire by man cause they are strong and have big shoulders and no breast,but I'm not sure they can change the female sensuality and figure that has been stablished,

  8. "If you want to damage your joints, do Crossfit!" It surprises me how nobody goes deeper into this. Everyone wants to be fit, get their share of muscles and good hot looking "bods", but in the end, no-one tells you. Hey, this literally destroys your knees. Hey, this is damaging your back.. Sorry, but lifting big barbells with your knee bend to less then 90 degrees, that is far from healthy. Go out and run in the grass, climb up a tree, walk in the forest. Be thoughtful in your diet and lifestyle. That will get you naturally fit and healthy.

  9. I think a lot of you are missing the point. CrossFit makes you not care what others think of you. You find your own beauty. You find beauty in strength, and strength in numbers you set and crush. These women are not looking in the mirror asking themselves if they are meeting society's expectations of beauty. They have found comfort in their own skin, and don't feel burdened with looking a certain way.

  10. Uh !!!  Olympic lifting started over 100 years ago in 1905. Pull ups, sit ups, running, push ups, rowing, box jumps, air squats, and jump rope. Hmmm do we have to even say when these exercises that are done in every open gym in the world were invented. Sounds like a bunch of HATERS commenting on stuff they don't even know. Awesome job to these women and don't listen to the haters that probably don't do crap in there home gyms but walk around and look like they are attempting to workout. Crossfit is great old school sweat and exercise! Too many fads have now gotten in the way of what exercise actually is. Which is sweat and handwork. Thanks to Crossfit we are actually getting back to working out and using the most basic exercises invented. Not, looking good and pretending! Crossfit is the real deal. 

  11. Let me get this straight… here's a video of attractive women working out in basically nothing, and there are a bunch of bruhs who came here only to complain about CrossFit in the comments?

  12. I don't like to pick FAVS but I feel like Andrea Ager is one of the hottest women on the planet. I had to look her up. I want to join her fan club.

  13. these women have way better bodies than super models (coming from a guy), I think the fact that they look strong shows their confidence and that is a huge turn on  

  14. Whats the name of the exercise which the woman stands on one foot in one stands and then goes down, goes up and changes the one feet and the proceeds the repetition?
    I saw it in a Crossfit vídeo

  15. Why is this only about how your significant other perceived you and whether girls will still look "pretty" after joining crossfit?

  16. Not true, I could deadlift 225 the first time I tried to. It had nothing to do with working "hard" but rather training with short, intensive exercises. Crossfit is probably not the best way to increase your maximal strength, but great general anaerobic fitness.

  17. These women look amazing and work hard for their body. Kudos!  I often wonder why when women are athletes and are both beautiful, their beauty always becomes a discussion.  They are strong so lets leave it at that.

  18. It's good this sport worked out for them because they seemed they had insecure body images, but not every girl is so insecure.  I know what I want and want to look good for myself and not for others.  These girls though, their bodies look too muscular and look like men (like such a broad shoulder, not so curvy, big waist ,I don't know….)  I definitely do not want to look like these girls, like body builders…they lost feminine side almost, and my bf definitely would not want to date a guy like girl.  Looks do matter and I like my curvy body and that is what motivates me to work out hard.

  19. You girls look far nicer and sexier than ANY of these magazine or catwalk chicks.
    I would take anyone of you out before most of these skinny models
    You also have more character

  20. Once a friend of mine actually stopped doing all the ab work she used to because a boy told her "you have more of a 6 pack than me" and that to me is just so so sad because it's like you have to shade away from your strength because it isn't socially acceptable and you're letting someone else choose your life for you. Hoping one day she can find the strength she needs.

  21. Now these girls are attractive. Its when they get to the point of having testosterone muscles (a lot of what you see with the female cross fit competitions) that it goes from sexy women in sports to a freak show.

  22. I've couldn't make it to crossfit according the timing by the gym. On other hand getting my schedule into a routine to make it happen.

  23. This is why I have fallen in love with crossfit. I have never been happy with my body, never felt like I was good enough. Crossfit has made me feel that my body can be accepted finally. I rather be strong and fit, not skinny and unhealthy.

  24. I am 17 and have been doing crossfit for 6 weeks, 6 days a week every week. I have never been more proud of myself and I see slight changes in my body already! I feel much more confident and overall more happy! I used to not be confident in myself at all, but now I absolutely love myself and how far I have pushed myself to become stronger! I will stick with it most likely for the rest of my life 😁

  25. Thank you for showing real women gaining strength and confidence. Whenever I look for inspirational fitness videos for women I mostly find butt and boob shots of women who look like porn stars working out. That is not what inspires me. These women are genuine and strong and doing this for themselves – wonderful video.

  26. Women CrossFit body is beautyful, this is a "real" body. Well let's remember that everybody it's cool.

  27. I would personally say that this look isn't what I find attractive, but it's important to also recognize that tastes shouldn't dictate what others do or feel.

  28. Very impressive and sexy women but as a men I only want to start power (weight) training again. As a man I wonder if their husbands/friends are also so strong as they are?!

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