BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)

[Radio Voice 1]: It is with heavy hearts that
we say goodbye tonight to a Gladiator that not only has become a friend to us, but who
has also become a hero to all in the Antiverse. [Radio Voice 2]: Apollo, why am I crying? We’ll miss you so much! We wish you well frolicking the open fields
of coconut trees in your natural habitat. And indeed we will miss our little lightning
Apollo. We watched him grow from just a little larva,
and even as the littlest of the bunch, he still proved to us that he had the biggest
spirit and heart. And with one now gone, there are six left
to proceed on to the next round, and the competition is guaranteed to get more and more intense. And so continues the great Rhino Beetle Games. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
bell icon, welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! [Radio Voice 1]: Good evening, Antiverse! The time is 8PM and you’re tuned into Rocksteady
FM, and let me tell you, the entire Ant Room is hyped for this second elimination round
for the Rhino Beetle Games 2019. [Radio Voice 2]: That’s right VW! Keep it locked to this station as we bring
you all the best RBG coverage! Everyone is raving about these Olympic-style
rhino beetle games! I can just feel the immense anticipation buzzing
in the air! [Radio Voice 1]: Same here, Lady B, and I’m
sure all the AC Family at home can feel it, too! And here stand our proud champions now, the
Rhino Beetle Gladiators, whose natural capabilities will continue to wow us in these Games. To our left stand our three females: Athena,
Artemis, and Aphrodite. [Radio Voice 2]: And the two columns on the
right stand our remaining Gladiators: Zeus, Hades, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Ares, and Poseidon. [Radio Voice 1]: Last week’s RBG event, the
Rhino Dive, saw Gladiator Poseidon take the Pyramid of Hera! As the champion he was able to enjoy a full
week of extra bioactive soils in his Sudan Suite. But what will the winner of the Pyramid of
Hera for this week’s challenge win? [Radio Voice 2]: Oohh I can’t wait to find
out! [Radio Voice 1]: Stay tuned for that coming
right up in just a second! All rise for the Rhino Beetle National Anthem. In the name of the Great Rhino Sudan,
With strongest of horns, proudly we stand, To compete with heart in this Antiversial
land, We pledge our allegiance to the AC Fam,
Who spared our lives when we were young lads! [Radio Voice 1]: Just beautiful! That Rhino Beetle Translation was brought
to you by the world’s leading provider of museum-quality ant farms shippped
worlwide. [Radio Voice 2]: Alright, now before we proceed
to explain this week’s Rhino Beetle Game elimination challenge, we just would like to remind everyone
that these games are cruelty-free, and are specifically designed to highlight the beetles’
natural abilities of strength, agility, speed, and more as they would be expressed in the
wild, while ensuring our Gladiators are not placed in danger nor in an overly stressful
situation. [Radio Voice 1]: Now, as you may or may not
recall, the ultimate winner of the entire 2019 Rhino Beetle Games shall inherit a beetle
paradise, complete with space, food, guaranteed protection from predators in the security
of our Ant Room, and of course, the female rhino beetles to breed with. [Radio Voice 2]: For a full explanation of
the Games, feel free to watch last week’s video here! [Radio Voice 1]: AC Family, the time has come! Let’s have a look at this week’s epic Rhino
Beetle Games event, known as the Strength Test! You guys will love this one! Before us sits the field and venue for which
our Gladiators will be participating in an ultimate display of innate strength. In the wild, possessing great strength is
a must for a male rhino beetle, if he is to succeed at staying alive and coming out on
top to ensure the passing of his genes to breed. [Radio Voice 2]: Strength helps a rhino beetle
defend itself, seek shelter from predators, and win in male joust matches for food, territory,
and breeding rights! [Radio Voice 1]: Fixated on a platform is
a great tower of three large boulder bricks which in total weighs 4 times the weight of
1 average male rhino beetle. The tower of boulders is attached via a bungee
cord and rope, and arranged pulley-style up this great wooden log, and… [Radio Voice 2]: Looks like someone forget
to put out the Ghost Ant traps on the field last night! Haha! [Radio Voice 1]: Haha! Right?… and all the way to another bungee
chord attachment with a stretchy harness which will be comfortably fasted around our Gladiators. This elastic harness ensures the beetles’
utmost comfort while competing. [Radio Voice 2]: Each beetle will be placed
onto the log and will naturally climb against the pull of the bungee chord. They will proceed up the stick to the top
of the log, and in doing so, hopefully be strong enough to pull on the rope and topple
the tower of boulders. [Radio Voice 1]: Each beetle will be timed,
and the Gladiator who can topple the tower off this platform the fastest will win the
Pyramid of Hera this week, and LadyB the stakes are extremely high, [Radio Voice 2]: Mmmhmmmm! [Radio Voice 1]: …because the ultimate prize
for this week’s RBG event is… [Radio Voice 2]: Complete immunity from the
Rhino Beetle Games elimination for the next round! The top winner of the Strength Test challenge
will win the opportunity to recharge in strength for two whole weeks, as he sits out of the
competition for next week’s challenge! [Radio Voice 1]: That’s right, LadyB, the
winner of the Pyramid of Hera will automatically be safe in next week’s challenge, and can
watch his fellow Gladiators compete from the sidelines, resting to recharge in strength,
as he automatically advances to the next Rhino Beetle Games challenge the following week. [Radio Voice 2]: Ooohhhh what an amazing prize! But VW, what about the Gladiator or Gladiators
that lose? [Radio Voice 1]: Great question, LadyB! Any Gladiator who is unable to topple the
tower of boulders under 1 minute, or who slips off the log, loses the challenge, and proceeds
to the great elimination round, to fight for their spot in the Rhino Beetle Games and the
Antiverse. If none of the beetles fall off the log and
are able to pull the tower off the platform by 1 minute, then by default, the bottom Gladiator
with the worst time shall be the losing Gladiator this week, and the one to leave us and the
games tonight. [Radio Voice 2]: Ohhh I’m so nervous to see
which Gladiator will be leaving us! This Strength Test Challenge is going to be
a nail-biter to watch! Good luck to all the Gladiators! Inhabitants of the Antiverse, cheer on your
chosen Gladiators in the comments now! Who will win the Strength Test and gain Rhino
Beetle Game immunity? Let the great Rhino Beetle Games begin! [Radio Voice 2]: First up, is Poseidon! [Radio Voice 1]: Team Poseidon, cheer on your
Gladiator! Go! Poseidon begins to tug forward, pulling at
the bungee chord, oh and at just under 5 seconds he moves the tower! [Radio Voice 2]: Oh come on, Poseidon pull! Don’t fall off! Ah! [Radio Voice 1]: Ahhhhh! Toppled at 18.31 seconds! [Radio Voice 2]: Great job, Team Poseidon! Well done! Next up is, Hephaestus! [Radio Voice 1]: Team Hephaestus, cheer on
your Gladiator! Go! And Hepheastus proceeds forwards and ohhhh! What a time! 2.16 seconds! [Radio Voice 2]: What?! Oooooh my Sudan! That was so fast! [Radio Voice 1]: Heapheastus fans going wild
now, as I’m sure the Creator of Worlds is, as their champion takes the spot from Poseidon
at winning the Pyramid of Hera. [Radio Voice 2]: Great job, Team Heapheastus! Up next is Dionysus! [Radio Voice 1]: Team Dionysus, cheer on your
Gladiator! Go! Dionysus, ploughs forward dragging… ohhh! Ohhh! The tower… ohh, toppled at 5.44 seconds. [Radio Voice 2]: Ohhhhh! Oh my Sudannnn! Down! Great job, Team Dionysus! [Radio Voice 1]: This places Dionysus in second
place under Hepheastus and and ahead of Poseidon. [Radio Voice 2]: Harnessed up now is Hades! Go Hades, baby! [Radio Voice 1]: Team Hades, cheer on your
Gladiator! Go! Hades… Ohhhhh! Noooooo! Fallen off and into the softened moss net
below! [Radio Voice 2]: Gooo! Noooooo! Oh no, Hades! [Radio Voice 1]: Team Hades, your Gladiator
having fallen off the log shall proceed to the Final Elimination Round, and if he’s the
only one in the Elimination Round, he will by default be the one to leave the games tonight
and the Antiverse. [Radio Voice 2]: Oh, I just can’t! [Radio Voice 1]: Next up is Ares! Team Ares, cheer on your Gladiator! Go! Gladiator Ares immediately moves the tower! [Radio Voice 2]: Oh! [Radio Voice 1]: As he proceeds up the log,
oh! Down goes the tower at 7.52 seconds! [Radio Voice 2]: Team Ares, this places your
Gladiator in third places under Hephaestus and Dionysus! Awesome, Team Ares! And last but not least… [Radio Voice 1]: Yes, my personal champion,
Zeus! Team Zeus, cheer on our Gladiator! Go! Zeus, steadily proceeds upwards along the
log. [Radio Voice 2]: He’s pulling! [Radio Voice 1]: It looks like he’s taking
his time. Come on, Zues! Could the tower be causing him trouble? Ohh! [Radio Voice 2]: Oh! [Radio Voice 1]: Zeus is down in the moss
net, which means he’s headed into the Final Elimination Round with Hades to fight for
his spot in the Rhino Beetle Games and the Antiverse. Wow! [Radio Voice 2]: The Antiverse is going wild
at the results! I think I hear a few boos out there! [Radio Voice 1]: I know! Actually, LadyB both our picks are proceeding
to Final Eliminations! I am just speechless right now! [Radio Voice 2]: Same, VW! I can’t believe that between Gladiator Zeus
or Hades, one of them shall be leaving us and the games tonight! [Radio Voice 1]: Stick around, AC Family to
watch their ultimate showdown elimination round coming in a moment! But as for the top three winners of the Strength
Test, we issue a massive congratulations to Team Ares in third, Team Dionysus in second,
and the winner of the Pyramid of Hera this week, Team Hephaestus! [Radio Voice 2]: Oh congratulations Team Hephaestus,
your Gladiator performed well today! [Radio Voice 1]: As the winner of the Pyramid
of Hera this week, Gladiator Hephaestus gains immunity for the next round of the games,
and sits out next week to recharge in strength, as he automatically proceeds to the following
Rhino Beetle Challenge. [Radio Voice 2]: It seems like since Apollo’s
elimination last week, a lot of Team Apollo converted to Team Hephaestus this week! Great to know his fan support has grown! [Radio Voice 1]: That’s right, and well, LadyB
it looks like one of us, as well, will have to re-choose teams, as our personal picks
are in the bottom two. Zeus and Hades stand side by side, preparing
for the ultimate final elimination round which will see one of these Gladiators safe this
week, and the other an exit from the games and the Antiverse! [Radio Voice 2]: And what a duel this will
be! unarguably two of the biggest rivals in the competition going head to head, this Zeus-Hades
face off is bound to be epic! [Radio Voice 1]: AC Family, below our bottom
two Gladiators sits the venue for the Final Eliminations! This battle round will be a face off of ultimate
Rhino Beetle strength, where our two mighty beetles will be able to display just how powerful
their muscles, bodies, and minds are, in an elimination round which we all know as the
ancient game of Tug of War! [Radio Voice 2]: That’s right! Both Gladiators will be fastened to both ends
of these bungee chords, facing outward. They will each pull against the the other
heading towards opposite ends of the log, and the Gladiator who reaches the other side
first wins! But there is a catch! [Radio Voice 1]: That’s right, LadyB! If any of the Rhino Beetles at any time lose
their grip and fall off the log, they automatically lose the challenge, and the remaining Gladiator
still on the log becomes the winning beetle! The beetles must remain on the log at all
times throughout this Tug of War match! [Radio Voice 2]: Team Zeus and Team Hades,
good luck and may the best Rhino Beetle win! Inhabitants of the Antiverse, Gladiators Zeus
and Hades shall engage in a great duel of Tug of War, to fight for their right to remain
in the games and ultimately an inhabitant of the Antiverse! Team Zeus and Team Hades, cheer on your Gladiators
in the comments! Gladiators pull with all your might! 1 – 2 – 3! Go Zeus! [Radio Voice 2]: You can do it Hades! [Radio Voice 1]: Hades decides to hold his
ground, not moving from his spot, while Zeus begins to plough forward! [Radio Voice 2]: Oh don’t let go Hades! It looks like he’s waiting for Zeus to tire! Great strategy! [Radio Voice 1]: Zeus is approaching the end
of the log! He’s pulling his hardest to move forward! Look at him pulling forth for us Team Zeus! [Radio Voice 2]: Oh Zeus is getting so close
to the end! Hades is not moving an inch and is holding
his ground! Come on Team Hades, let’s cheer on our Gladiator! [Radio Voice 1]: I think we coming to the
end of this Tug of War match now! Who will it be, AC Family? Zeus or Hades? [Radio Voice 2]: Oh my Sudan, pull! [Radio Voice 1]: Who will it be leaving the
Antiverse tonight? It’s the ultimate battle of the Gladiators! Team Zeus and Team Hades, cheer on your Gladiators
in the comments! This is it! [Radio Voice 2]: Ahhh yes! Hades did it! [Radio Voice 1]: Ohhhhhh! Zeus let go and fell off the log, automatically
earning him the loss in this Tug of War match! Ohhhh Team Zeus, our Gladiator is leaving
the games and the Ant Room this week, and it makes Gladiator Hades safe for another
week, and still in the running to compete in the Rhino Beetle Games! What a crazy match! [Radio Voice 2]: Zeus burrowed his way into
the coco peat substrate of his Sudan Suite. As the most royal and stately of the Rhino
Beetles, who was humble enough to take bow for us when we first met him last week, Gladiator
Zeus humbly bows out of the Rhino Beetle Games this week, and will now be released back into
the wild, from where he was collected. Oh how I will miss Zeus. He was such a sweet heart and eliminated much
too early. [Radio Voice 1]: This Leaves us now with our
three females, and five remaining Gladiators in these Rhino Beetle Games. We wish you all a good night. This is DJ VW… [Radio Voice 2]: And DJ LadyB… [Radio Voice 1]: We’ll see you next week,
for the next round of eliminations. Thank you for watching, and it’s ant [Radio Voice 2]: and beetle love forever! Alright, guys! So it seems Gladiator Zeus is heading home
this week. For those of you were Team Zeus, do feel free
to keep playing in these games and choose a new Gladiator to champion, but sadly you
won’t qualify for a prize, but hey it’s all for fun anyway, right? Were you happy with the results? Guys, be sure to tune in next week to catch
the third round of the Rhino Beetle Games and watch your Gladiators duke it out for
the top spot and prize! For all of you whose Gladiators are still
in the games, congratulations to your champions, be sure to leave your comments for them, to
cheer them on, as they do read their fan mail, and remember to use their official team hashtags. Good luck to the remaining five on their future
rounds to come! So guys, be sure to smash that subscribe button
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answered: Keeping still can help them survive because
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