Beginner’s Guide Part 2: Stamina & Time Out

Beginner’s Guide Part 2 Hi! It’s me, Helena! Did you watch all the previous guides I’ve made? Listen up,
because today’s lesson is extra important! Today, we’re gonna talk about that little Green Bar right next to the Green Circle That bar is the Stamina Bar Did you know that having low Stamina could really effect your gameplay? You can’t even use the R1 Button to screen
when your stamina is low Dash is out of the question too! Since you can’t run it makes it way easier for
the opponent to get past your defense or run away from the opponent. That sucks doesn’t it? Then this is when you need to use a Time Out! Hey look! It seems like your teammates are
also requesting a Time Out! You can use Time Out
when two or more people request for it. Also, You can only use one Time Out
for each half of the match so you gotta be strategic… Yay!
The other team used their Time Out first! During Time Out,
you can change to a different Character. Since its difficult to play
with a Character with low stamina.. Hmmm… Let’s change to Cindy! Now that we’ve got full Stamina Let’s show them what we’ve got! This ends my Beginners Guide to 3on3!
That wasn’t too hard was it? These guides would be enough
to help you make some awesome plays! Master those skills and become the best Baller in 3on3! Then, I’ll see you at court!

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