Beginners Guide to Strength Training (6 BEST TIPS FOR WOMEN!!)

Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today we’re going to do something kind of cool. We’re going to talk about the beginner’s guide
to strength training. So for those of you who are just starting,
or you’re considering starting weight training; listen up! I’m going to give you some tips right now
that are going to help you in the gym, at home. Take on this new venture of weight training. So first, and foremost, my tip: do not compare
yourself to others. I think us women especially, we do this all
the time and it’s just a default. You’re comparing yourself to others. You’re comparing yourself to other moms, and
other girlfriends, and others on social media, or you go to the gym and you see another girl
lifting – you’re comparing yourself to what she’s doing. So immediately, you need to focus on your
own s-h-i-t. Can I say that? You need to focus on your own stuff. Seriously. Think about your goal. What are your goals? Don’t compare yourself to others in the
gym, on social media, elsewhere. Think about why you want to start weight training,
and then be grounded in that. Be confident in why you wanted to start on
this new venture. The next one is: think about the most sustainable
routes. So you want to not overdo it at the beginning. You want to make sure you focus on a good
program that is sustainable for you. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t think that you should be doing six
days a week of weight training when you haven’t even begun one in a week. So start small. Start small, feel successful, achieve it,
make sure it’s attainable, and then begin adding days, or more exercises as you feel
like you’re progressing. A great way to also do that moves me into
my next list, or item on the list. Choose a program that can really give you
guidance. So ATHLEANXX for Women has great programs
that are very specific. So it allows you to bring a sheet with you
to the gym, or open it up right away in the morning and say “This is what I’m doing for
today.” It gives you a plan. It leaves a thinking to ATHLEANXX. So when you have a program you become more
successful, right? When there’s a plan you’re going to achieve
it a lot faster, and in a more efficient way than if you’re just kind of scrambling, and
you’re not sure if what you’re doing is actually going to get you the results that you’re after. So once you decide you want to take on weight
training, and you want to go down that path, then invest in a good program. Also, make sure you define what your goal
is. I think that’s really important as well. Are you trying to increase your lifts in a
certain way? Do you want to compete? Do you want to increase your shoulders? Or are you focused more on aesthetics in that
way? Or is it more of a performance goal? So I think once you define that goal, then
you can take steps toward the training program that is perfect for you, and also give you
long term success. So you’re focused on not just what this next
week has, but “Okay, this is going to take me a while.” Which leads me into my next one on the list. That is: be patient. With strength training the quickest way to
want to give up – you don’t look at, anymore, of what’s ahead of you. You need to look behind and say “Okay, how
long have I come? I’ve come such a long way. I’ve been doing this for a month now and four
weeks ago I wasn’t even able to do a pushup.” So I think having a journal is also a good
way to do that. It helps you to be patient, and it helps you
to track your progress. So that’s another one. Moving into – to track. Track your progress. Get a journal and track what you were doing
last week. “I was lifting 5lbs. I was squatting 20lbs. I was doing deadlifts with 2-25s. Now I can do 45s.” So tracking that also allows you to look back
and realize how far you’ve come. So, making sure that you stay motivated in
that way is really important as well. So those are just a few of my tips for those
beginning. Your beginners guide to strength training. Check out ATHLEANXX for Women. Also, they give you great meal plans as well
that can help fuel you, and provide you a good pre, and post-workout meal to give you
enough energy; sustained energy for those workouts. Comment below, thumbs up, let us know any
of your tips that could help others. Let’s welcome them in. welcome them into the world of strength training. Have a great day. We’ll see you next time. Bye-bye!

7 Replies to “Beginners Guide to Strength Training (6 BEST TIPS FOR WOMEN!!)”

  1. I completed my first week of the XX program. I definitely feel it pushes me but I am not really able to do all the sets in some of the workouts (legs in particular, upper body is usually easier for me). However I am pushing through it, eventually I'll be able to do them all!

  2. Why do the videos on the athleanXX website look super outdated like from the 90's…? But the vids on YouTube look up-to-date? I prefer the videos on YouTube. Any advice or comments?

  3. I am 46 and have always been athletic until the last 10 years. In my mind, I'm still that same person but physically I am NOT. It's sad and depressing. I work full time and my kids are older now (youngest is 13). I need to invest in me and I want to blow this out of the water. I wish I could get a personal trainer but I feel like I need to get to a certain point in my physical ability. I've had trainers before that I didn't feel were invested in me and had let me down. I don't think they thought I was serious because I'm a 40 -something with extra weight. I'm doing a lot of research now to make sure I do this right and stay injury free. I currently don't have any medical issues or injuries and I would love some guidance on some other resources or any tips you might have. Thank you!

  4. I have been wanting to start into weightlifting. I'm a veteran and use to be in awesome shape. I got married and had 3 kids back to back and my body looks like it melted. My problem with working out, is that I get so overwhelmed trying to find routines and excercises on the internet and there are SO many!!! I just want to get back to me. I feel like I'm not in my own body. If that makes sense. I love the points you made in your video and plan to look into things more. I just wanted to say that you look BEAUTIFUL!! I'm hoping to one day be back to myself and be happy on my own skin as I can see that you are!!!

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