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Hey! My name is Kati Morton and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. My Youtube channel is all about mental health. I’m here at Youtube Space LA as part of the Women’s Production Program. Today I am filming a video about the differences in depression between men and women. These are all of the components together that make women more apt to be depressed than men. I think there’s a lot we can actually do. Hi! My name is Hannah Hart and today I am filming with Kati Morton at the Youtube Space. Kati: Hey, everybody! I am sitting down today with Hannah Hart. Hannah: Hello! Kati: To talk about the misconceptions around PMS because we know there are a lot of myths out there and we’re here to talk about it. What inspired me to create this video is the fact that there are so many misconceptions out there about mental health and women. Kati: So the first myth that I want to talk about is that all women have PMS. Hannah: Whoa! That’s a myth? Kati: Uh huh. People think that all, you know. Hannah: I think that all women have PMS. Kati: Not true. I think gender balance on set is really important because women bring a very different vibe to a film set. And especially when I’m here talking about mental health issues and topics that are a little touchy it’s nice to feel very supported and surrounded by other women.>From my experience working online, Youtube has always been a very collaborative space. And that’s really wonderful because you get to choose who you want to work with regardless of race, gender, etcetera. Hi. I am Britta and I am the cinematographer. I have been a DP for a couple of years now. I shoot a lot of Youtube videos and videos for the digital space. My name is Kelly Outa and I am the GNE department all in one today. I think it’s very important to have gender equality on sets. It feels more welcoming. What I found is that when I work in larger productions it seems to be predominantly male. And, if that, predominantly white male. So I think that including more diversity inside any work environment is a positive thing. I just really love that Youtube as a whole really supports women and I’m inspired everyday by each and every one of them. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Wanted to say thank you for making touchy mental health topics so assessable to us! AND that whether we see you in the fancy YouTube spaces or you in front of the newspaper wall we've seen so many times, we support you!!!! Xoxo

  2. loved this thanks for making information about mental health so reachable Kati and helping to brake down the stigma wall .

  3. You really need to talk about Highly Sensitive People. I don’t know if you have or not, but even if you have please talk about it again. So many people know nothing about it and it’s really important they do. I am a highly sensitive person, and once I found that out my life has been dramatically better. I have struggles my entire life and it got worse in high school, but now that I have found out why I struggle I have ways to cope with it. So many highly sensitive people are misdiagnosed with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more because the people diagnosing them don’t really know anything about HSP’s and or they just never think about it when they work with people. If your an HSP you are mentally sensitive and your nervous system is sensitive. The best way I learned about everything was through Elaine Aron’s book called The Highly Sensitive Person and her other book called Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person. The first book is geared more towards the introverted HSP’s rather than the extroverted or ambiverted, but is still helpful to all who read it whether they are family members, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives of an HSP. Kati if you haven’t read these books then you need to ASAP! But, I think if talked about high sensitivity then a lot of people would benefit from it.

  4. Somehow it dissapointes me. I always thought it would be more private and familiar and more amateur and not like a huge professional film set and crew. I didn't enjoy the behind the scenes video. Not at all 🙁

  5. There is a women's program at the YoutubeSpace NY this upcoming week but I happened to be going away on a trip that day and can't go. I hope they bring the program back or have another program related to it.

  6. Love you and your videos so much Kati! So glad there're people like you on the Internet! Can you or anyone else recomend anyother good youtubers that talk about mental health?

  7. Hey Kati, I love your videos! Online counseling is becoming more popular these days. I know it's not as good as face to face counseling but what online counseling websites would you recommend? I want to talk to a psychologist but am looking for something a bit cheaper and my busy work schedule doesn't let me have time for psychologist appointments. I like the idea of writing to a psychologist through e-mail and since I live in Ontario, Canada, preferably someone with knowledge about resources and best practices in this area.

  8. This is GREAT exposure for mental health awareness. Thanks Katie! Our field is really growing in popularity across all social media platforms 🙂 Yay!

  9. If I could "like" this a thousand times I would! As a female student in film school it's nice to see other women being appreciated for the work they do as videographers/filmmakers.

  10. thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid thebrothersriedell have also been working with the womans project i love males who are also feminists

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