Belle Vue Ward – supporting women in mental health

Belle Vue ward is a ward for women with complex
needs. We provide the care for the ladies who experience trauma in their lives and it
has resulted in their difficulties regulating emotion and and tolerating the distress.
This service has been set up about six and a half years ago and I believe that it’s one
of the, one of the very few wards within the South Wales. So actually setting this service
enabled people to receive the services locally, maintain the contact with families and build
their lives where they want to live, in the place where they want to live.
When I first came to Belle Vue, I was quite unstable, quite unsettled and quite unwell.
I was secluded until I came to Belle Vue, I didn’t have any friends, any family, nobody
wanted to know me, nobody really listened, and it’s something that Belle Vue do and that
is listen. They really do listen to what you’ve got to say and what you need to know.
Since being at Belle Vue I’ve got myself a little job, 16 hour a week job at Growing
Space Project that is based for mental health recovery. Recently we won an award for being
an inspirational volunteer of the year, which was fantastic and that was all down to Belle
Vue. I’ve got my family, I’ve got my friends, I’ve
got my collegues and Iwouldn’t change that for the world. It’s been an absolutely amazing
experience and it’s been one hell of a journey that I can say I’m proud of. I would like
to say I am now actually leaving very soon which is fantastic news, so all good and well
then I will be back as a pillar of society very soon, so thank you. So the care which we provide here is focussed on the recovery on allowing them to find themselves,
find how to regulate their emotions, how to find the coping skills and how to cope with
their lives and lifes stresses. Hiya, I’m here for emotionally unstable personality
disorder. Before I came here I didn’t know I could get better, but I’ve been here nine
months and I’ve improved dramatically. When I first got here I didn’t know whether I was
going to trust them straight away or not but very quickly they showed me how much the do
genuinely care. The staff have been absolutely amazing with me and what they’ve done for
me and my family is unbelievable. I’ve got a really close bond with my family now which
I didn’t have before and my life has got a lot, lot better. And I know there’s a long
way to go but I know in Belle Vue I can do that. People usually stay with us for some time so it does vary between three month up to
18 months or even a little bit longer, which gives people the time to create a safe place
and find their feet in life and actually get a life worth living. When I first got here I didn’t think anything was going to change, but the confidence that
they’ve built up with me has been amazing. I wouldn’t go swimming, I wouldn’t show my
body. And then we went on a trip to the beach and I wore a swim suit and got in the sea
and it was a massive acheivement for me. So we provide the therapies on the ward for
example, is the DBT therapy, DBT groups which are run on a weekly basis and providing the
1-2-1 sessions for our ladies. We also work closely with the other services which provide
the MBT therapy. We also provide art therapy, mindfulness, but I think what is the most
important is the 24 hour support from the team on the Belle Vue. So it’s the counselling
skills, it’s the supporting skills, it’s being human and being kind and empathetic to the
people. So I’ve only been here less than two weeks,
but I maintained good contact with Belle Vue ward before I came. I had a lot of support
on the phone, and when I got here everyone was really friendly, it was a nice ward and
everyone is like a little family here. I think this is going to really help me recover in
this ward.

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  1. Truly amazing video.. Massive respect for you all.. So very very proud to be associated with SCH.. Well done all of you..

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